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Mar 30
Mar 29
Mar 24
Mar 18

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: The Effects On the Social Landscape (Part 1)

Augmented Reality… Virtual Reality… what even is real anymore? We have seen so many of these different terms being bounced around on newsfeeds everywhere but what are they? What functions and opportunities do they offer? And is this really the future of how everyone is going to interact? Over the... read more →
Feb 19
Twitter algorithm

3 reasons why Twitter’s timeline algorithm doesn’t change anything

Last week Twitter launched an algorithm to prioritise the 'best' Tweets at the top of each users timeline. This is controversial, but in reality changes very little. Here's why... In case you missed it, Twitter has finally implemented the long-anticipated change to how it's users timelines are prioritised. Formerly, Tweets... read more →
Feb 01
Jan 27
periscope in twitter

Social Media News: Periscope on Twitter, Peach stumbles and who’s got Facebook Overlap?

Every week we’ll be sharing the latest social media news. This week we’ve got updates about Periscope, Facebook, Peach and Twitter. Enjoy!     Periscope is now viewable in your Twitter feed Periscope and Twitter have announced that from now on, Periscope can be streamed from within tweets; meaning that people will... read more →
Jan 26