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Your C-suite and senior executives are potentially your company’s biggest assets on social media, as they have the knowledge, insight and credibility to engage your audiences.

With high-value personal networks made up of their peers, they could be driving brand awareness and nurturing new leads.

Through a range of effective communication services, we work with senior executives to systematically build their social media presence, providing strategic direction, creative support, channel management and measurement.

The impact of our work on executive communication is often rapid, visible and highly valuable



Services include:

We'll work with you to agree on a set of measurable objectives and a bespoke approach that will work for your senior exec (or execs). This strategy will be iterated as we build their social presence.
We'll map out your Exec's immediate network of colleagues, contacts, partners and customers. We'll also identify target contacts, prospects and thought-leaders to be engaged with.
Making sure your senior execs have compelling social media profiles (especially on LinkedIn) is a key requirement. We'll optimise their online presence to attract interest and engagement.
We can support your senior execs with daily monitoring and engagement on their social accounts. We have processes in place to provide the seamless collaboration needed to make this effective.
Our Creative team can support your senior execs to ensure they have regular, personalised content going out on their social accounts. Our agile approach enables a fast turnaround on reactive or live footage.
Outcomes drive behaviour. Nowhere is this more evident than in Exec Comms! By showing your senior execs the impact they are having on social, we will galvanise their commitment to doing more.

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