How to Integrate Generative AI into Your B2B Marketing – Event Takeways

In our recent event in Cambridge, we had the opportunity to hear from Ben Lee, PR & Content Manager at Bidwells, and David McGuire, B2B copywriter & Creative Coach. They shared their experiences of using and experimenting with AI within marketing. If you’re a CMO or part of a marketing team, now is the perfect time to explore how AI can streamline your operations and boost efficiency.

In this blog, we’ll provide a summary of the key takeaways from our guest speakers at the event. Starting with Ben’s talk, titled “Be an AI Hero”:

Get Started and Learn:

  • Begin your AI journey and create a safe space for your team to experiment and learn.
  • Investing time in AI will yield long-term benefits.
  • Find the AI tools and combinations that work best for your team.
  • Learn to communicate effectively about AI within your business.
  • Stay flexible with your technology stack and avoid off-the-shelf solutions

Work as a Team:

  • Allow sufficient time for the learning process, as adopting AI may initially take longer.
  • Instead of replacing existing workflows, augment them with AI.
  • Set ambitious goals and allow people to focus on higher-value work.

Ride the Wave:

  • Collaborate across departments to integrate data, knowledge, and creativity.
  • Make the adoption of AI a collective effort rather than a top-down initiative.
  • Lead the change instead of waiting for IT; experimentation and learning are vital.

Here are some of the tools Ben and his team used successfully with their workflows:

Descript Used for faster editing by transcribing and summarizing interviews with key stakeholders.

Fireflies.ai Helps with transcribing and summarizing meeting notes, saving time when creating case studies.

Chat GPT Assists in structuring, formatting, drafting, and editing case studies in seconds rather than hours.

Zapier Ben has developed BenAI a chatbot which allows his team to access pre-programmed workflows easily and effectively.

The use of these tools resulted in saving approximately 1.5 hours per case study creation alone, with an estimated ROI of 6,186%.

Here’s Ben’s process to help you work your way through appropriate use cases:

Developing AI Use Cases

David’s talk focused on the art of copywriting, the challenges of using AI for creative purposes, and how to avoid copywriting pitfalls.

Outlining the pros and cons of the AI content landscape, he said he started his research by asking 3 questions:

  • Is it accurate?
  • Is it appropriate?
  • Is it original?

Here are some of the results that David found from his research:

  • Chat GPT, Jasper, and Bard all provided inaccurate information, creating content that would simply resonate appropriately but is over-used terminology.
  • It isn’t magic, it’s predictive text. When asked to create original ideas, it comes back with the same suggestions marketers have seen before.
  • Is it original?

As David said, “Couching familiar ideas in pretentious language is taken as a sign of poor intelligence or low credibility.”

David outlined that if you are looking for accurate, stand-out content, you need a human for the job. But, if content summarising and thought-provoking ideas can free up your employees, then we should continue to explore these platforms. He hopes to see improvements in the years to come.

Overall, with AI, you can enhance your marketing efforts and achieve greater efficiency so don’t hesitate to get started and explore the possibilities. Reach out to us if you want to explore what’s possible for your business or connect with Ben or David directly to ask any questions.

Luke Brynley-Jones
Date: 20th October 2023
Category: B2B Marketing Blog Social Media Marketing Social Media Strategy

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