Top 11 B2B Social Media Agencies (2024)

What are the top B2B social media agencies?

If you’re looking for the top 10 B2B social media agencies, we’ve gone one better. We’ve curated a list of the top 11 B2B social media agencies that rank highly on both Google and Bing. (After all, who are we to defy the Gods of SEO?).  As with any group, there are some clear differences in emphasis and focus. We’ve got specialist B2B social media agencies, PR focused B2B social media agencies, content marketing focused B2B social media agencies, plus everything in between.

What is a B2B social media agency?

A B2B social media agency is a social media agency that specialises in supporting business-to-business (B2B) companies, rather than servicing consumer companies.  Many in our list actually offer both B2B social media maketing and consumer social media, but promote themselves as offering strong B2B services. If you want a pure-play B2B social specialist, you won’t have far to look down the list.

What services to B2B social media agencies offer?

B2B social media agencies typically offer a mix of B2B social media strategy, B2B community management (or social channel management), B2B influencer marketing, employee advocacy, B2B content marketing, B2B paid social (or social advertising), B2B social media campaign management, B2B reporting and analysis, and B2B social media consultancy.

How should I select a B2B social media agency?

If you’re already looking for a B2B social media agency, you’ve probably already discounted generalist B2B digital marketing agencies, and those that focus more on consumer social media.  Among your selection criteria for choosing your B2B agency you should consider:

  • Clients – Do they understand my sector? Who have they worked with?
  • Size – Are they big enough for us?  Or conversely, are they small enough to care about us?
  • Awards – Have they demonstrated their ability to deliver results?
  • Testimonials – What do their clients say about them?
  • Price – Will they be able to deliver within our budget?
  • Team – Do they have an experienced team?
  • Location – Do they have team members in our target countries?

The Top 11 B2B Social Media Agencies

1. OST

OST is the leading specialist B2B social media agency. We drive results for the world’s biggest B2B brands. We integrate influencers, advocates and KOLs into engaging, social-first activities that drive awareness and sales.

Based in Cambridge (UK), we operate globally in 8 languages with team members across EMEA and in the US.  Our clients include giants like Salesforce and Dell, but also mid-sized enterprises and high-growth startups.  Looking for inspiration?  Read some of our B2B social media case studies.

OST is a team of B2B social specialists. If you need any support or advice, just contact us.

2. Sagefrog 

Sagefrog is a US-based B2B social media agency that also offers branding and strategy, digital and websites, content and inbound, and traditional marketing. According to their LinkedIn page, their “proven Sagefrog Integrated Marketing Program (SIMP) has accelerated success for hundreds of B2B clients, consistently building brands and maximizing awareness, leads, and ROI.”

3. IronPaper

A New York based B2B marketing agency that offers B2B social media alongside B2B content marketing, B2B lead generartion and B2B campaigns. IronPaper says “We seek to unify the marketing and sales journey to deliver a more remarkable buyer experience and, ultimately, drive growth for our clients”.

4. Socially Powerful

Socially Powerful runs campaigns for consumer brands, including The Body Shop and The Gym Group, but also does B2B social media. They boast “a global network of social media experts strategically positioned across all continents”.

5. WebFX

A international, full-service digital marketing agency offering B2B social media alongside SEO, web design, ecommerce and the full range of digital services. WebFX says: “Our team of over 400 experts crafts strategies for mid to large-size companies across the globe”.

6. Make Honey

A European PR agency that offers B2B content marketing, copywriting and influencer marketing. Make Honey says: “we love hearing about your goals and working with you to create an amazing PR, social and content strategy or campaign that increases your brand or product awareness.”

7. Zipline

A US-based B2B demand gen agency that also offers B2B social media services alongside inbound marketing, SEO, PPC and email. The agency says it will “align your online marketing strategy, saving your business time and money, while reaching more customers than ever before”.

8. Clipatize

Clipatize is a B2B content and digital agency that also offers B2B social media. Based in Warsaw, Poland, the agency says its focus is on “breaking down big chunks of information and cutting the fat” – to be able to deliver clean and clear messages which customers can resonate with.”

9. Fame

Fame is a UK-based agency that claims to “start and grow the world’s most profitable B2B podcasts”. They are something of a niche outfit among B2B social media agencies, saying: “we are a globally distributed (16 countries and counting) group of audio, design and marketing geeks”.

10. Crispy Content

Crispy Content is a Berlin-based B2B social media agency that focuses on automated and performance-driven content marketing. They say: “People love good stories. We develop, produce, manage and market content for you – serving national and international companies, brands and publishers since 2010.

11. Boss Digital

Boss Digital is a small, UK-based B2B digital marketing agency that specialises in content marketing across all social channels, including Facebook, Twitter [X], Instagram and LinkedIn. They focus on ROI, saying: “a well executed social strategy can deliver a truckload of benefits to both your brand and bank acco

Luke Brynley-Jones
Date: 1st January 2024
Category: B2B Marketing Blog

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