Event Activation

B2B Event Activation

Trade shows, conferences and events offer a great marketing platform for B2B brands. They also require a significant investment of time and money. All too often, though, the buzz stays with the few hundred (or thousand) people in the room – and disappears when the event ends.

Imagine if you could share that in-the-room excitement with thousands more potential customers and prolong the buzz for days, weeks or even months.

OST has tried-and-tested techniques to amplify your presence at live events via social media. With careful planning and an on-the-day presence, we can create and share reams of highly engaging live content directly with your target audience. In 2018 we delivered 1 million live-stream views of one of our client’s events.

Work with a virtual events agency and let us show you what’s possible.



Services include:

Our Video teams can live-stream your keynote sessions, speaker interviews, or vox pops directly to LinkedIn, YouTube or X.
Our Creative team can produce and share clips, quotes or insights in real-time to maximise your presence at the event.
To amplify your event, why not invite industry influencers to speak or attend? We can identify the right experts and manage their presence.

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