Should you upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium Company Page?

LinkedIn are rolling out an upgraded version of a company page called a “LinkedIn Premium Company Page”. For $100/month you can access a range of new features.  The big question is: should you upgrade?

What is a LinkedIn Premium Company page?

Premium Pages are a subscription package that adds some extra features to your existing Company page. They aren’t related in any way to personal accounts and the premium subscriptions you can have for them.

LinkedIn have recently published a section about Premium Pages in their Help section.

What features do you get?

LinkedIn are launching the subscription package with six initial features:

  1. Custom call-to action (CTA) button – Similar to the CTA option on Premium personal accounts, you can add a button to “visit website”, “sign up”, or similar.  It sounds useful, but if you ask most personal premium users, the current CTA options don’t get too much action.
  2. Who’s visited my Page – Similar to “Who’s viewed your profile” on personal accounts, you can see recent visitors to your page. We can see this being useful for sales and marketing teams, so long as people don’t opt out, which is a new privacy setting accompanying this launch.
  3. Custom testimonial – You get to feature a short (max. 80 character) client testimonal and a small logo/image on your page. We haven’t yet seen what this looks like but it could add a useful bit of social proof to your page.
  4. AI-powered post writing assistance – Use of LinkedIn’s AI writing tool for company posts. We’re not massive fans of LinkedIn’s AI tool, but if you find it helpful, you’ll enjoy this extension. Of course, it’s only available in English.
  5. Auto-invite engaged members to follow your Page – Now, this sounds like a really useful feature. Having a tool that automatically invites people who engage with your company posts to follow your page is genuinely helpful and could grow your following.
  6. A gold LinkedIn ‘IN’ logo – LinkedIn is increasingly touting badges as status symbols, but as you can simply buy this one, it probably doesn’t offer much extra status.

How much does it cost?

LinkedIn are reportedly pricing this new subscription at $99.99 per month with a 30% discount if you sign up for an annual subscription.

Given that we suspect this package is aimed at B2B businesses, $839.88/year isn’t excessive if it provides genuine business value.  Add a bunch of new followers and a handful of customer leads per month and it quickly makes sense.

How can you upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium Company Page?

LinkedIn plans to have this new subscription option rolled out to all pages by June 2024.  If you’re a Super Admin on your company page, you can check if you’ve got it in the left menu. There seems to be a free trial period so should have an option that says “Try Premium for $0”.

Is it worth upgrading to Premium?

Until we’ve been able to test it out, it’s difficult for us to make a cast-iron verdict, but it does feel like LinkedIn Premium Company pages come with a very mixed bag of features. The CTA and testimonial are nice-to-haves, while the AI-post writing and the gold badge feel like stocking fillers.

That said, the extra insight into page visitors and auto-invite feature look genuinely useful – so if they tick boxes for you, it’s surely worth giving it a go.  We’ll definitely be switching on the free trial and testing it out when we get the option to.

Luke Brynley-Jones
Date: 19th April 2024
Category: B2B Marketing Blog LinkedIn Marketing

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