Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Mission

To live OST’s values by organising and supporting activities that make the world a better place.  

To involve OST’s employees in rewarding activities that support their wider development and well-being.  

To demonstrate that OST is an ethical and environmentally-friendly company.  

CSR Activities 

The Great OST Bake Off  | Blue Smile Charity

At OST Marketing, we believe in giving back to the community and making a positive impact on the world. That’s why every year we run our Great OST British Bake Off in support of Blue Smile Charity.

At OST it’s safe to say our talents go beyond B2B Marketing…
As well as being able to support such a worthy cause, the Bake Off is a fun and engaging way for our team to bond and build morale. It’s a chance for us to come together, show off our baking talents and make a difference to the young children in our community.

Boycott Your Bed | Action for Children 

To support Action for Children’s “Boycott your Bed” charity event, our CSR team spent the night together in the OST office.

This saw our stalwart sleep-dodgers stay awake all night to raise funds for children living in poverty and in need of help across the UK.

Staying awake may sound simple, but it certainly wasn’t!

To keep the wheels turning, the team turned to some classic, tried-and-tested tricks and techniques: snacks, energy drinks, board games… plus a few face masks for a little TLC to help everyone trek through those last few hours. (You’ve not really played Snakes & Ladders until tried doing it at 4am!)

It was a challenging and extremely rewarding experience in aid of a truly amazing cause.


Bike Ride Challenge | Blue Smile Charity

We have put on our lycra (don’t worry, not really!) and cycled the distance from our office in Cambridge, all the way to Paris.

We hopped in the saddle and cycled 338 miles over five working days – that’s 68 miles per day! It was a real team effort, with everyone getting involved and putting in the miles to get us over the finish line.

This isn’t just for fun or fitness. We raised money for our charity of the year, Blue Smile, a local children’s mental health charity that we hold very close to our hearts. Blue Smile offer therapy and support for children and young people who are experiencing poor mental health – in their own words, they are “unlocking children’s potential to learn and be happy”.

If you’d like to donate to this brilliant cause, please visit our Just Giving Page.

“At OST it’s important to us that we’re not only a power for good for our clients, but also for ourselves, each other and the wider community. Coming together to do good work for charitable organisations is a key part of that and what helps make our work so rewarding.”

Stef Lait

Client Experience Director

“We have such an amazing group of people who care so deeply about our environment, local community and charity partnerships. Being able to demonstrate our commitment towards ethical practices and corporate social responsibility is something close to my heart and to see this shared across the whole of OST is really something quite special.

It doesn’t stop there, we continually to strive to be better and give back more. Watch this space!”

Helen Sharpe

Strategy Director

“As individuals, we all want to do our part and positively impact the world. As an agency, it’s only right that our culture actively encourages that.”

Jermy Taylor

Operations Director

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