Luke Brynley-Jones

“Having co-founded my first social media consultancy in 2000 and worked in several high-growth tech companies, I’ve realised that the key to running a successful organisation is very simple: build a genuine team and give them a clear mission

Our mission at OST is very clear: to provide the highest quality social media expertise. Building our team has taken time, but we now have a highly skilled and experienced team that can deliver complex, large-scale, and global projects. I think it’s fair to say, we punch above our weight in terms of the clients we work with.

I believe human relationships play a huge part in this. I’m extremely proud of the positive, collaborative and supportive culture we’ve created at OST. Our industry awards and global portfolio may attract new business, but our high client retention rate is down to one thing: our amazing team.”

Luke Brynley-Jones

Founder & Managing Director  (You can read Luke’s bio here)

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