What Does an Influencer Marketing Agency Do?

Q2 of 2019 was the biggest quarter ever in terms of influencer marketing spend. As more brands clamour to get their products in the hands of the social media elite, let’s...
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OST Influencer Marketing Case Studies

6 Captivating Influencer Marketing Case Studies

We’ve worked on numerous award-winning projects in recent years. Here’s a selection of our favourite influencer marketing case studies. This includes ours, plus the best-of-the-rest… Hartley’s 10cal Jelly Hartley’s 10cal...
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International Influencer Marketing: 4 Factors to Consider

As influencer marketing continues to be recognised as a valuable opportunity, many companies are starting to extend their reach and run international influencer marketing campaigns. We run global campaigns for many...
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3 Helpful Influencer Relationship Management Tips

We had a fantastic Consumer Influencer Marketing Huddle a couple of weeks ago, with insightful workshops, talks and panel discussions on influencer marketing that we have to share. An interesting...
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3 Tips for Running an Effective LinkedIn Advertising Campaign

Although LinkedIn advertising is among the more expensive social advertising platforms (on a click basis), for many B2B organisations it can also be really effective for reaching a high-quality, targeted...
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Instagram social media management

Social Media Management on Instagram: 4 Steps to Success

Engaging with, and building communities is a key aspect of social media management across all platforms, but especially on Instagram. Boasting features that no other platform offers and with social...
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B2B influencer marketing research shows disconnect between brands and influencers

At our Influencer Marketing Huddle in November, Alistair Wheate and Dominik Nosalik, from Onalytica talked us through the highlights of their new B2B influencer marketing research.  The findings are fascinating… What outcomes...
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Influencer Marketing Huddle – Expert Insights

This week we hosted our Influencer Marketing Huddle once again with co-hosts, Onalytica. Our mission? To bring 100+ brands together to share strategies, tips and experienced on influencer marketing. If you...
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Byte logo

Why brands need to prepare for Byte

It looks like Vine, the 6-second video social network, is returning in 2019 as Byte. This is pretty big news for anyone in the social media industry, but brands should...
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