DigiConf: The FREE B2B Digital Marketing Conference You Can’t Afford to Miss

On 7th July OST is hosting DigiConf, a new B2B marketing conference that aims to provide B2B digital marketers with a 1-day update on the latest digital marketing strategies, ideas and techniques. We’ve invited a team of the UK’s smartest B2B minds to share their tips for innovating and driving stronger results during 2020/21.

DigiConf 2020 Digital Marketing Conference

Can anyone afford not to be innovating?

On that note, I should point out that DigiConf is completely FREE to attend. We’ve mucked about with various pricing models, but decided for this first event – ‘What the hell! Let’s give it away’. Our mission is to fill our virtual conference room and deliver a brilliant experience.

So, if you haven’t registered yet, please sign up now.

If you still need convincing, here’s the vision behind DigiConf…

According to a 2019 survey, the leading B2B digital marketing trends for 2020 (with % scores for each) were expected to be personalisation (47%), account-based marketing (42%), video marketing (41%), inbound/content marketing (39%), AI and automation (36%), chat bots (33%), influencer marketing (27%) and podcasting/live-streaming (19%).

As it happens, we think these predictions have been pretty accurate, so the agenda for DigiConf is built around these core topics. We’re also, though, putting out four themes that we feel are particularly relevant:

  1. New Destinations – Once upon time all marketing roads led to your website. Today, smart companies seek out their customers wherever they are. In this first session we’ll analyse the challenges this poses and explore two of the most popular digital destinations: Google and messaging apps.
  2. Advanced B2B Strategies – Most B2B marketers have started their journey into personalisation, marketing automation and ABM, but how can to take these techniques to the next level. We have case studies from two innovative B2B tech companies, plus a full session on LinkedIn marketing, including paid/earned strategies and tips on underused features.
  3. B2B Influencer Marketing – Leveraging the credibility and reach of experts is among the fastest growing trends in B2B marketing. In this session we’ll discuss ‘integrated advocacy’, look at measurement techniques (and KPIs) and host an expert-led Q&A on how to avoid falling foul of UK/global compliance rules.
  4. Innovative Content Marketing – Given the popularity of content marketing, success in 2020/21 requires innovation. This session provides a step-by-step guide to creating impactful podcasts and maximising the impact of live video. We’ll also provide insights into exciting new content formats and smart techniques for amplifying your content.

It’s worth highlighting that we’re going to wrap the event up at 4pm with a 1-hour analysis of the Future of B2B Digital Marketing featuring a veritable roster of the smartest minds in the business. This is seriously NOT TO BE MISSED. If you only tune in for 1-hour, I’d advise this be it.

But the rest is pretty awesome too. Here’s the agenda in a nutshell:

    • 9am – B2B Digital Marketing Trends for 2020/21
      I’ll kick the day off with a lightening tour of what’s new and exciting in B2B digital marketing.
    • 9.15am – The Rise of Messaging: What Does it Mean for B2B Marketers?
      Ashley Friedlein, founder of Guild (and formerly econsultancy) will explore how the smartest B2B companies are developing messaging strategies, both internally and externally.The Rise of messaging talk - DigiConf (1)
    • 10.15am – What Happens When Everyone’s Website is Fixed?
      Jono Alderson, Special Ops at Yoast, will explain how the future of search is already here and why most B2B companies are being left behind with outdated SEO strategies.
    • 10.45am – A Journey Through Marketing Automation & Personalisation
      Kathryn Lye, VP Marketing at Speechmatics, will lead us through her journey of discovery as her team implemented marketing automation, learning along the way when personalisation does (and doesn’t) work.
    • 11.00am – ABM: How to Focus on Those Who Matter (and Sod the Rest)
      Neil Cooper, VP Marketing at Audio Analytic, explains how a laser-focused approach is critical to delivering results from Account-based Marketing (ABM).
    • 11.45am – The B2B Marketing Growth Model
      A fascinating, strategy-level analysis of B2B digital marketing from the former Head of Social Media at TSB and NOWTV, Bian Salins, who leads the Content Marketing Consulting team at LinkedIn (EMEA/LATAM).
    • 12.00pm – LinkedIn Marketing Opportunities for 2020/21
      Dave Stephens, Chair of the BCM, hosts a Q&A with Bian Salins (LinkedIn) and experienced LinkedIn Trainer and Strategist, Mark White, on how to drive value from the platform.
    • We’ll then have a 1 hour lunch break.
    • 1.30pm – B2B Influencer Marketing: The Cost of Non-Compliance
      To kick off the afternoon, Influencer Marketing Compliance consultant, Rupa Shah, will explain the boundaries of legality for B2B influencer marketing. (This is essential viewing, IMHO).
    • 1.45pm – The Future of Social Business: Integrated Advocacy
      Citing case studies from global B2B brands, Onalytica CEO, Tim Williams, will show how a collaboration between employees, customers and influencers can generate spectacular results.
    • 2.00pm – How to Drive Business Value from Social Media Data
      Chris Thomas, Global Social intelligence & Optimisation Lead at Sage will demonstrate how to measure the impact of influencer marketing to generate boardroom-level business intelligence.
    • 3.00pm – 4 Steps from Starting a Podcast to Livestreaming
      Podcaster, David Bain, provides a four-step guide to planning, creating and amplifying your own podcast series, and how to produce high-quality live video streams.
    • 3.15pm – Innovative Content Marketing
      Our panel of experts will analyse the latest formats, opportunities and pitfalls in B2B content marketing. [More excellent speakers to be announced shortly].
    • 4.00pm – The Future of B2B Digital Marketing
      Digital trainer and Marketing Director, Michelle Goodall, heads an All-star panel of digital masterminds in a discussion about what could (and most likely will) happen in 2021. Listen out for Katy Howell (CEO, Immediate Future), Tim Eaves (COO, Lynchpin), Judith Lewis (Founder, DeCabbit), Eva Applebaum (Co-founder, ARC) and Ashley Friedlein (Founder, Guild).

If you aren’t 100% satiated with B2B digital marketing goodness after all that, I really don’t know if I can help you!

Tickets for DigiConf are going quickly, so again, if you haven’t registered – book your ticket online now.

Hope to see you there!

Luke Brynley-Jones
Date: 15th June 2020
Category: B2B Marketing Blog Content Marketing Influencer Marketing Social Media Strategy

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