6 Captivating Influencer Marketing Case Studies

We’ve worked on numerous award-winning projects in recent years. Here’s a selection of our favourite influencer marketing case studies. This includes ours, plus the best-of-the-rest…

Hartley’s 10cal Jelly

Hartley’s 10cal Jelly is a fun, delicious, low-calorie treat, popular among those looking to lose weight. Hartley’s enlisted OST to run a social media campaign to promote their 10cal Jelly pots during the month of January when, research tells us, people are most likely to wobble from their diet. It was a multi-channel awareness campaign powered by engaging content, conversational ad formats and, of course, influencer marketing.

We worked with over 100 micro-influencers to share 10cal content and create their own. This drove an increase in Year on Year sales of 46%, plus audience growth of 100% on Instagram with an additional 61,000 engagement’s on Facebook and Twitter.


Glossier Instagram Visual

Glossier prefers to prioritise engagement rates over follower numbers. They want to work influencers of any audience size who can build their brand awareness and drive engagement. Glossier works predominantly with nano and micro influencers. They also encourage customers to post about their products and have re-packaged their products to make them more ‘Instagrammable’. All aspects of their packaging makes their products very easy to photograph and, as a result, people are organically producing content that Glossier can re-post on their channel.

They recently introduced a referral programme which is designed to make people share their product experience for a discount. This strategy has led to an increase in brand awareness and share of voice in market was doubled.


Supermalt influencer marketing

Supermalt wanted to take their social media to the next level by driving community engagement and expanding brand awareness via influencer marketing.

OST recruited the help of superfans, brand ambassadors and celebrities to bring out the vibrancy and energy of the Supermalt community on social media. The agency planned and hosted events around Supermalt’s product launches and key periods throughout the year for the African and Afro-Caribbean community (e.g. Notting Hill Carnival). Our 2017 Christmas campaign featured Anthony Joshua and Stormzy, who both voluntarily posted about Supermalt.

Over the past three years OST has created strong, on-going relationship’s with over 150 influencers, who are involved in regular promotional activities for the brand.

Supermalt won ‘Best Influencer Campaign‘ at the 2018 UK Social Media Communications Awards.

Kingston Technology: #LifeUpgraded

Kingston technology influencer marketing

Kingston technology, another OST client, wanted to work with influencers to drive awarenes to the launch of their Kingston Data Traveller Bolt Duo and Kingston Nucleum, across 6 European countries. We partnered with 24 YouTube and Instagram influencers to produce engaging content that was shared on their channels as well as re-purposed for Kingston’s own Facebook page. Alongside this we created Facebook advertising campaigns that drove cost-effective and targeted video advertising to key audiences across Europe.

From the 12 YouTube videos and 12 Instagram posts across 6 countries we achieved 2.1 Million reach, 616,000 video views and over 17,000 URL clicks, delivering a significant uplift in sales.


Audible Instagram feed and post visualsAudible’s mission was to drive awareness of their product offering and increase engagement for the brand. To achieve this they have been focusing on working with micro-influencers as they have seen a pattern of highly-engaged followers that have a loyalty to micro-influencers, more than to macro influencers. In essence: they value authenticity of the engagement over the number of eyeballs on the content.

Audible worked with Jesse Driftwood, an influencer with fewer than 100,000 followers, but who are very loyal and highly engaged. From Audible’s point of view his followers felt as if they were receiving “an authentic suggestion from a friend.”

Schneider Electric

schneder electric influencer marketing

In another OST project, Schneider Electric wanted 30 influential interior designers from around the world to attend a special product event in London with the aim of increasing engagement on Schneider-owned social channels.

OST sent a film/photo crew to shadow the influencers during their two-day trip, editing their content into personalised packs for each influencer, with the content provided at the end of each day. We provided over 300 items of content, in total. During their trip the influencers posted over 160 times, driving reach in the millions and hundreds of engagements across 6 countries.

We hope these influencer marketing case studies have given you some ideas for your own influencer marketing strategy. Feeling inspired? We have many more great case studies here. Be sure to read our previous blog post on international influencer marketing as well!

If you need any help with your social media advertisinginfluencer marketing or other aspects of your social media strategy, feel free to contact us.

Jeremy Taylor
Date: 25th April 2019
Category: Blog Influencer Marketing Social Media Marketing

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