Social Advertising

Specialist advertising management on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Social media advertising is an extremely cost-effective way to scale your marketing reach. For a small sum you can reach millions of consumers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, while LinkedIn offers a world of targeted advertising options for B2B organisations.

We run large-scale social media advertising campaigns using the latest tools and techniques available, including split testing, re-targeting and lookalike audiences. We also have direct contacts at all the leading social networks.

Social Advertising Strategy

Many brands dive into social advertising without a defined strategy. This can lead to wasted time and money, so we don’t recommend it! We will work with you to define your social advertising strategy – including your objectives as well as budget, targeting and creative requirements.

Social Advertising Targeting

The results you get from social advertising will depend greatly on your targeting. We have devised targeting plans for scores of brands and have a very clear idea of what works (and what doesn’t). We will define your initial targeting based on our experience in your industry or a closely related one.

Social Advertising Measurement

Most social networks enable pixel tracking through to your website, but you may also want to use UTM tracking, integrated with your website analytics. We can set this up and provide detailed reports into the performance of your advertising campaigns.

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