The Power Of TikTok: Tips and Tricks For Your Brand

You might see TikTok as the next big app for Gen Z to chase viral video stardom on, but it’s actually so much more than that. At a time when the social media algorithms are out in full force on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter limiting a brand’s reach left, right, and centre –  TikTok is a ray of hope on the horizon for many, so for those brands, here are our TikTok Tips and Tricks: 

1. Other platforms want to limit the amount of content you put out as a creator, TikTok just wants you to make more.

If you’re creating new content the last thing you want is to be limited in how much you can upload, but unfortunately, if you’re uploading too much content to your brand’s Facebook Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube page then you can pretty much kiss your reach goodbye. This is not the case for TikTok, where you can post as many as 10 new videos/pieces of content per day without hurting your engagement.

2. The algorithm pushes your old content onto people’s feeds just as much, if not sometimes more, than your new content.

The TikTok algorithm really is a weird and wonderful beast – that video you posted 5 weeks ago and thought was definitely dead and buried? Well, it just showed up recommended on somebody’s feed and now the comments, likes, and shares are pouring in. We almost never see this sort of thing happen on the other platforms (with a possible exception given to YouTube which has inexplicably started recommending videos from back in the early 2000s) so this is a welcome change and also means all of your content still gets a fair chance.

3. TikTok absolutely LOVES a challenge or a trend.

It’s not just the dance trends that have been gaining momentum on the platform, hashtags like #celeblookalike, #fridgechallenge, and #reallifeathome have generated millions of views – and they’re all super simple bandwagons to jump on.

@ryanair##duet with @hi_bre come on? We’ve all lied on dating apps♬ bre n mia laughing – bre

The key to getting this right is agility and acting fast. Long approval processes can sometimes be a hindrance to joining in on trends. Posting a trending video is great for engagement when done right but can do more harm than good if you are late to the party. We have seen people quick to post negative comments on brand profiles when they are late to a trend. 

4. Your FYP (For You Page) shows you more of what you like. 

TikTok pays attention to the hashtags you use, the kind of videos you stop and linger on, and your overall interests – and accordingly, when you’re browsing your FYP (the TikTok equivalent of your Facebook ‘newsfeed’) it’s very likely that you’ll be shown something that you might actually be interested in, this is great news for users but even better news for brands because it means you have more chance of engaging with your community instead of people who don’t and won’t care. 

5. The ‘discover’ page is a treasure trove of engagement possibilities. 

The ‘discover’ page shows you which challenges, hashtags, and sounds on the app are trending, enabling you to determine if there are any that would be suitable to use to try and further boost your content engagement. Alongside this, you could potentially also jump into those hashtags relevant to your industry that are trending and engage with those creators or brands by liking or commenting on their content, thus building up your relationships with other users on the platform too.

Additional TikTok Tips & Tricks

  • The more high quality content you can put out, the better. We’ve found the sweet spot tends to be 3-4 videos per day, but don’t hold back if you want to do more and you have strong pieces of content ready to go.
  • Your old content is going to be seen just as much if not more than your newest content, so be sure to try and put the same level of effort and commitment into every single video you put out from day one of joining the platform so that old followers and new followers alike will be equally impressed and engaged. 
  • Make use of the challenges and trends hashtags, don’t be scared to get involved in them if you can find one that is relevant to your brand, or better yet, create your own challenge or hashtag for your community.
  • Engage with other brands and key influencers in your sector by making use out of the ‘FYP’ page – the more you make the effort to reach out and engage with their content, the more likely they will return the favour and push your brand’s reach up. 
  • Use the ‘discover’ page to check on a daily basis which hashtags or challenges and sounds are currently trending and make use of the ones that you can and which are relevant to your content or brand – they will almost certainly boost your content engagement in the long-run.
  • Use trending sounds. TikTok pushes your content out if you use sounds that are currently on their trending list. Even if your video is a talking video and extra sound isn’t necessary, add a trending sound and turn the volume down. 
  • Create real videos. If your video is too ‘corporate’ it will stick out like a sore thumb on the FYP and people won’t resonate with it. Create content that people will find useful, inspiring, and educational. 

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Date: 18th March 2021
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