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Since initiating its Influencer Programme in 2018, Refinitiv has seen significant success in building a strong social media presence around topics such as #finserv and #fintech.

The RefinitivSocial100, an online ranking of industry influencers, which Refinitiv publishes annually, is seen as a benchmark within the sector and has helped them engage with key influencers in the US and UK, such as Jim Marous and Dr Sally Eaves.

To date, though, engagement, reach and impact in APAC and the rest of the world has been limited. Refinitiv has a strong presence in Asia, with 20 offices across the region, so this had been seen as a weakness in the influencer programme.

In November 2020 Refinitiv commissioned OST to run a truly global influencer campaign to help reach audiences in Asia and the rest of the world. Given the timing of the campaign, the initial brief combined the global impact requirement with a potential hook: publishing Finserv/fintech predictions for 2021.

We knew we wanted to avoid the usual (aka dull!) predictions blog post. We also wanted to use LinkedIn as the primary platform and, to add some energy, make it 100% live.

The result was our Follow The Sun 24-hour LinkedIn Livestream Campaign. Starting in Singapore at 12.00 SGT on Weds 20th January we planned to run 24 live-streamed events across APAC, EMEA, NA and LATAM within 24-hours.

It was ambitious, to say the least!

Campaign Results

Follow The Sun
  • Involvement of 34 speakers/influencers, plus 3 hosts, from 11 countries
  • 12,000 livestreams (+240% target)
  • 1,000+ engagements
  • 8 million reach
  • Significant growth of Refinitiv’s global Influencer network. (See network maps below)
Refinitiv Follow the Sun campaign results
Refinitiv Influencer network map

A wild & unique idea

  • “This was a wild and unique idea, developed and executed by OST on a shoe-string, that has served as a testbed for our future ‘phygital’ activations. The campaign enabled us to reach our community of clients, future customers and prospects and of course, strengthened our relationships with key industry influencers. Undoubtedly, the resulting positive brand awareness has been felt across the business.”

    Our client Kalvin Lee, is the Global Social Media Director for Refinitiv
    Kelvin Lee
    Global Social Media Director