Hartley’s 10cal – Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign


Hartley’s 10cal is a fun, delicious, low-calorie treat, popular among those looking to lose weight. Hartley’s enlisted OST to run an Instagram influencer marketing campaign to promote their jelly pots during the month of January when, research tells us, people are most likely to wobble from their diet. Our target audience were mainly females, aged 25-34 who were watching their weight or actively trying to lose weight, and the timeframe was two weeks.

Our strategy was to launch a multi-channel awareness campaign powered by engaging content, conversational ad formats and influencer marketing. We reached out and secured over 100 micro-influencers on Instagram to share 10cal content and to create their own. We also built on existing PR content – featuring a celebrity ambassador as an Angel/Devil – to develop a Twitter conversational ad campaign asking users whether they were a 10cal Angel or a Diet Devil. This was further promoted via Facebook ads.

Core ServiceSocial Campaign
Project DateJanuary 2017


We achieved record Facebook engagements of 37,000 – 56% higher than previous campaigns – and 24,000 engagements on Twitter. Our 104 Instagram influencers posted 295 times, creating their own content around the product and helping to achieve a 146% engagement rate, which resulted in a doubling of our audience size.

37,000 engagements on Facebook

104 Instagram influencers engaged

146% engagement rate on Instagram