OST wins Gold, Silver and Bronze at Cambridgeshire Digital Awards

Last week saw the long awaited results of the 2016 Cambridgeshire Digital Awards. I’m pleased to announce that OST scooped four fantastic awards – and also won the quiz!

We entered work for some of our best known clients across a wide range of services, including social media, blogging, B2B content marketing and video animation.

Here’s what we won:

Business Blog: GOLD Award 

Client: Zoetis

Farming blogging case study

Judges Comments: “This brilliantly executed journal is a first class example of understanding your audience and delivering the goods, time after time. Great images, captivating copy. Solid gold!”

Zoetis is the world’s biggest animal health and pharmaceutical company. We launched their Livestock Farming blog in April 2016 to showcase Zoetis’s knowledge of (and empathy with) with real-world farming challenges. We focus on livestock health issues and provide farmers with insight on tips, trends and treatments.

Zoetis’s veterinary knowledge mixed with our marketing skills results in content that’s professional and insightful as well as search-engine optimised and highly shareable. Although still in the early stages of the campaign, the blog is exceeding expectations in terms of unique users and visits, with average reading times of over three minutes on our articles. Great results for a niche community.

Adam Coomber, Marketing and Digital Lead at Zoetis, was delighted with the Award:

“The blogging activity we started in 2016 with OST has provided relevant and fresh content to our target market and has resulted in ever increasing engagement on our social channels. It will continue to be a pivotal part of our online strategy as we move into 2017.”

Social Media for Business: SILVER Award

Client: Dream

Dream Social Media Case Study

Healthy living? That’s something we can get behind. So when Dream, quality purveyors of natural foods, asked OST Marketing to help them take their first steps into social media, we were happy to oblige – and created a strategy that brings the amazing quality of Dream products to the fore.

Through lifestyle tips, recipes and photography that gets foodies salivating, we have built an engaged and friendly social community around the Dream brand. Dream now has over 28,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month their content. Dream’s Twitter engagement rate frequently exceeds 3.5% – more than treble the industry average.

Social Media for Business: BRONZE Award

Client: Hartley’s Jelly

Hartley's Jelly social media

Hartley’s is one of the UK’s biggest names in jelly. They’ve been delivering the goods for those with a discerning sweet tooth since 1871. But until they came to us in December 2015, they had zero presence on social media.

We have helped Hartley’s Jelly to engage their customers by using social as a customer service channel. And through a special blend of jelly-inspired ideas and competitions, we have quickly built a community of over 43,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A lip-smacking success.

Use of Video for Business: BRONZE Award

Client: IESO Digital Health

Ieso digital health video marketing

Ieso Digital Health is an online therapy service for people experiencing mental health issues: discreet, confidential and delivered in real-time by accredited therapists. In 2015 Ieso turned to OST to develop a series of animated videos to increase brand awareness and educate local people living in key referral areas about the free service.

The videos were promoted to each local audience via social media advertising and have been remarkably successful. For example the various versions of the West Kent video, between June and October 2016 received a total of 160,000 views at a tiny cost per view, helping to drive awareness of and referrals to the online service.

Having won Gold in the Blog for Business Category we have now been entered into the Champions event on London’s South Bank where we will go head to head with the other Gold winners across the UK.

We’re on a winning streak. Bring it on!

Luke Brynley-Jones
Date: 28th November 2016
Category: Awards B2B Marketing Content Marketing Paid Social Social Media Marketing

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