Cambridge digital marketing agency shortlisted for five awards

We’re (slightly more than) delighted to share the news that OST Marketing has been shortlisted for a staggering FIVE Cambridgeshire Digital Marketing Awards this year.

As a rule we haven’t tended to shout from the rooftops about our work – and with hindsight this approach appears short-sighted; it seems we’re doing a pretty fine job!

We entered work for some of our favourite clients, for whom we devise and run social media campaigns, write blog posts, create videos, advertise, build awareness and generate leads. The nominated projects span industries as diverse as pharmaceutical, farming, high-tech printing, mental health and jelly… so there’s genuinely something for everyone.

We’re particularly pleased because we don’t often put ourselves about. We’re generally too busy doing the grunt work (aka delivering results) to tout for gongs, but since these ones are inconsiderately local – we are a Cambridge digital marketing agency, after all – this year we plunged in with seven entries.

Here’s what we’re up for:

Domino Printing case study

Client: Domino Printing

Category: Business Blog

How do you build an engaged blog audience when your product is spectacularly technical? Domino Printing are world-beating manufacturers of printing and coding technology. They make the machinery that applies barcodes, best before dates and eye-catching labels on some of the world’s busiest production lines.

In October 2015 OST built and launched a printing and coding blog for Domino UK to enable the company to reach new audiences, educate readers and showcase products. Following modest success  when the blog launched, Domino now exceeds all expectations with many posts shared scores of times on LinkedIn and other social channels. This blogging success is a rare feat for such a technical B2B organisation, and one that is having a positive impact on their lead generation.

Farming blogging case study

Client: Zoetis

Category: Business Blog

Zoetis is the world’s biggest animal health and pharmaceutical company. We launched their Livestock Farming blog in April 2016 to showcase Zoetis’s knowledge of (and empathy with) with real-world farming challenges. We focus on livestock health issues and provide farmers with insight on tips, trends and treatments.

Zoetis’s veterinary knowledge mixed with our marketing skills results in content that’s professional and insightful as well as search-engine optimised and highly shareable. Although still in the early stages of the campaign, the blog is exceeding expectations in terms of unique users and visits, with average reading times of over three minutes on our articles. Great results for a niche community.

Dream Social Media Case Study

Client: Dream

Category: Use of Social Media for Business

Healthy living? That’s something we can get behind. So when Dream, quality purveyors of natural foods, asked OST Marketing to help them take their first steps into social media, we were happy to oblige – and created a strategy that brings the amazing quality of Dream products to the fore.

Through lifestyle tips, recipes and photography that gets foodies salivating, we have built an engaged and friendly social community around the Dream brand. Dream now has over 28,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and regularly reaches more than 400,000 people every month with their content. Dream’s Twitter engagement rate frequently exceeds 3.5% – more than treble the industry average.

Hartley's Jelly social media

Client: Hartley’s Jelly

Category: Use of Social Media for Business

Hartley’s is one of the UK’s biggest names in jelly. They’ve been delivering the goods for those with a discerning sweet tooth since 1871. But until they came to us in December 2015, they had zero presence on social media.

We have helped Hartley’s Jelly to engage their customers by using social as a customer service channel. And through a special blend of jelly-inspired ideas and competitions, we have quickly built a community of over 43,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A lip-smacking success.

Ieso digital health video marketing

Client: Ieso Digital Health

Category: Use of Video for Business

Ieso Digital Health is an online therapy service for people experiencing mental health issues: discreet, confidential and delivered in real-time by accredited therapists. In 2015 Ieso turned to OST to develop a series of animated videos to increase brand awareness and educate local people living in key referral areas about the free service.

The videos were promoted to each local audience via social media advertising and have been remarkably successful. For example the various versions of the West Kent video, promoted since June 2016 this year, have received a total of over 158,000 views at a cost of £0.005 per view, helping to drive awareness of and referrals to the online service.

The awards ceremony takes place on 24th November. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us!

Luke Brynley-Jones
Date: 6th October 2016
Category: B2B Marketing Content Marketing Social Media Marketing

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