How should B2B companies work with technology influencers?

B2B technology influencer marketingr

Faced with increasing advertising costs and declining organic social media reach, B2B technology companies are waking up to the potential of influencer marketing.

By building a network of supportive influencers, integrating them into marketing campaigns and offering them genuine benefits for their involvement, tech brands are creating new marketing opportunities.

At OST we’re lucky enough to have been at the forefront of B2B influencer marketing for several years. We have developed and run global, regional or local programmes for a host of renowned tech brands including Salesforce, Sage, Kingston Technology and Refinitiv.

We’ve built up a lot of knowledge on the subject, which puts us in a great place to host a webinar on the topic – and this is exactly what we’re doing on 29th April.

The webinar will be hosted by Luke Brynley-Jones, OST’s Managing Director, who has been instrumental in developing our influencer marketing processes.

He will be joined by a team of experts, including:

  • Kelvin Lee, Global Social Media Director, Refinitiv
  • Ian Moyse, Tech Influencer & Sales Director at Natterbox
  • Rupa Shah, Influencer marketing ASA & FTC compliance advisor
  • Jack Morel-Paulo, Head of Influencer Strategy at Onalytica

During this structured 1-hour discussion our expert panel will explore:

  • How to identify and select B2B tech influencers
  • How to develop a compelling offering for tech influencers
  • When not to work with a tech influencer
  • How to ensure your relationships with influencers are FTC & ASA compliant
  • What successful campaigns involving B2B tech influencers look like
  • How to plan your B2B tech influencer marketing for 2020-22

Register here for our free webinar: How should B2B companies work with technology influencers?

Jeremy Taylor
Date: 16th April 2020
Category: B2B Marketing Blog Influencer Marketing

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