6 Brands building engaged communities

Social media isn’t just about pushing out quality content, it’s about building community. Creating content that your audience can connect with, and then actively engaging with them, is key in securing a loyal and engaged audience. Social media gives brands the opportunity to connect with their audience on a more personalised level, but it’s essential to get it right because it can go wrong fast.

When community management is done right, it can do wonders for brand reputation. And the open, two-way nature of Twitter makes it ideal for building community. To make our case, we’ve rooted around the @s, mentions, and threads of much-loved Twitter brands and found some outstanding community management examples done right.

But first…

What makes a good community management example?

Community Management is the process through which organisations seek to build an engaged audience around their brand, products, or services using social media. It requires actively monitoring your social channels, engaging with fans and followers who comment or ask questions, and pro-actively starting interesting conversations with them.


Innocent has long been the envy of many in the social and marketing worlds. The brand’s tone of voice, content, and product marketing is fun, engaging, and consistent across the board. And this certainly carries through to their community management.

Yorkshire Tea

Another much-loved British drink, Yorkshire Tea has been a brand of the people for many years. They are pros at finding clever ways to include their brand in memes and engaging content and are always ready to provide a bit of comic relief.


Cloud-based software company, Salesforce, integrates thought leadership with fun, relatable content. Engaging with users is essential to build your reputation, and if you create a good enough rapport, like our Community Manager Ross has for Salesforce UK, your audience will even start doing your job for you.


Tesco Mobile’s community management blends fun and friendly with informative. The team members each sign off their replies with their names, and followers even have favourite team members, a real sign that they’ve built up a solid community. 


You might think that a confection brand such as Skittles wouldn’t have a lot to talk about, but they have some clever ways to talk about their brand in a fun and engaging way. Just looking at their well-known adverts from over the years, you’ll know that they aren’t a brand that take themselves too seriously. And this light-hearted, fun side really comes into its own on Twitter.


Netflix knows its role: provide entertainment to the masses. Whether that is adding shows and films to their platform, producing their own content, or simply poking fun at themselves. Netflix is already a global meme in itself, so the brand joining in with the nation’s narrative has gained them a place in the hearts of many.

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Jeremy Taylor
Date: 11th March 2021
Category: Blog Content Marketing Social Media Marketing

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