Who Are The Top Agricultural Influencers For 2021?

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Influencer marketing has become a staple for marketing strategies, and it’s no different in the agricultural industry, with agricultural influencers able to benefit your bottom line. Many farmers and agricultural workers are big users of social media, sharing an insight into the world of food, farming, and agriculture like never before.

Working with the right agricultural influencers can help your brand to drive conversation and make people aware of issues that affect you and your industry, especially surrounding specialist subjects. That’s why we’ve partnered with Onalytica, the influencer relationship platform, to produce a list of agricultural influencers on Twitter for 2021.

There’s A Way To Working with Influencers

The value of influencer marketing is undeniable. In a report released by Twitter, it was revealed that 49% of consumers rely on social media influencers for product recommendations.

We have worked on some huge B2B influencer marketing campaigns from Sage and Salesforce campaigns, through to collaborating with Refinitiv on its Refinitiv100 B2B influencer program. So, it’s fair to say that we know what is involved with planning, refining, and delivering an influencer marketing campaign.

When we work with clients on their influencer marketing strategies, we generally start by looking at brand size, budget, and social media audiences. When it comes to choosing how to work with influencers and which kind of influencers to work with, there is so much to consider, from the risks to the influencer categories (traditional, industry expert, celebrity?), to the type of influencer (micro-influencer, professional influencer, macro influencer?).

In fact, there are so many things to consider and research, that we have an entire blog dedicated to it. To make things a little easier for you, this report that we’ve put together with Onalytica contains some of the agricultural industry’s most influential social media presences, ready for implementing into a B2B influencer marketing program.

What’s In the Report?

We’ve worked in partnership with Onalytica to produce this list of some of the most influential people on social media within the agricultural industry. 

When choosing which influencers to work with, the primary importance is not just to look at who has the loudest voice, but who is speaking your language, sharing the right message and having the right conversations. 

In this report, we have taken a look at a range of influencers and personas, with particular focus on specialty areas, including:

  • Livestock farming
  • Grain farming
  • Regenerative farming
  • Dairy farming
  • Women in farming

How were the influencers chosen?

The Who’s Who in Agriculture report has been created using the Onalytica platform, which has a curated database of over 1 million influencers. The agricultural influencers list has been made using carefully created Boolean queries which then rank influencers by resonance, relevance, reach and reference, meaning that influencers are not only ranked by their own merit, but also by how much other influencers are referring to them. 

The list has then been validated and filtered to split the influencers into categories to give you the most valuable information available. Essentially, it’s a plug-and-play influencer program that your brand can use for your own influencer marketing strategy.

Coming Soon

If you’re looking to include agricultural influencers into your marketing strategy for 2021, sign up below to pre-register, and receive the report before anybody else! 



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Jeremy Taylor
Date: 9th December 2020
Category: B2B Marketing Blog Influencer Marketing

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