Video Marketing 101: Where to Start When Everyone Else is Already Ahead

We’ve heard it all before, video marketing can enhance your social media. To name a few, videos are known to drive more engagement, accentuate your brand by showcasing a unique perspective into the company, and can serve as a great tool in educating your audience on new products. 

So, when the rest of your competitors have already started using video, and are doing well, where is it best to start? As Social Media Today pointed out, in their ‘Video Marketing Statistics for 2020’ 81% of businesses are now using video in their marketing strategy, which has grown 63% in comparison to last year. That means we need to get you on the band-wagon sooner than later.

Where to start… 

Work video marketing into your brand guidelines 

Ask yourself how you see your video content fitting in with your existing brand guidelines. It’s important to reflect your existing marketing material within your video to ensure consistency online and offline. It should, therefore, embody everything your brand already stands for but in video format, including tone, colour, pace etc. How you replicate this through a screen, and to your audience is up to you, but very key to consider. 

Research into what is already out there 

Your competitors could be ahead of the game when it comes to video marketing, and that’s ok. So, why not use it as an opportunity to evaluate your competition – what worked and what didn’t? Learning from other people’s successes and mistakes is a safe approach to working out what may work with your own video. If your competitors have not begun their video marketing journey then look into a mixture of video content that’s already out there. Question whether you like the pace, tone, style and build a vision for your own. 

Hold a brainstorm

You have a vision for your video marketing, but what do your staff and clients think/need? Speak to people with various perspectives and needs for video, including the teams such as the sales, marketing, HR team. Video can be productively used during onboarding processes or to empower your sales team. We would, therefore, recommend looking into how else video can serve your company in the short term and long term.

Set realistic video goals 

Depending on what format your video will be in will determine how much time and effort will be required to put it all together. So, with this in mind, it’s useful to set realistic video goals. Whether it is one video a month, two live streams, or four Instagram stories, you’ll need to set aside the resources to produce these. It also ensures consistency online as, once video marketing is introduced, you may find your audience are left with wanting more.

Simple… just start.

Pick a date and decide when your company is going to start using video. And this could be in a number of formats, shot on a variety of affordable equipment. When delivering video content for our clients, this could range from live Facebook streams via mobile to interview scenarios via a full video set up. So, don’t overcomplicate, experiment and get started.

If you need help kick-starting your video marketing contact us now.

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Date: 18th March 2020
Category: Blog Content Marketing Social Media Strategy Video Marketing

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