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Client - Banking Technology Client
Skills - LinkedIn Lead Generation, LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Advertising, Virtual Event, US Campaign


Our client is an innovative provider of payment technology solutions for financial institutions. Well known among European banks, early in 2023 the company was keen to connect with US-based banks that were focusing on implementing faster payment technologies, as required by the US Federal Reserve.  

Reaching senior decision-makers at banks through traditional marketing is expensive and comes with with no guarantees. With this in mind, the client approached OST to help devise a smarter campaign using the power of LinkedIn, great content and a tactical advertising budget. The objective was to generate leads and also drive awareness of the brand in the US.  


We know you can’t run a B2B lead generation campaign without first priming your brand awareness. By editing existing client content, combined with new footage, we created a suite of compelling introductory videos. Then, over 8 weeks, our Advertising Specialists used LinkedIn to target these at an audience of US-based senior banking professionals. 

For the lead generation phase, we first worked with our client to identify a topic that would grab the attention of our target audience. Testing strategies are really important when you’re implementing real-time payments (take it from us!), so our topic became: Rethinking Testing Strategies for Real-time Payments. Our client provided two recognised industry experts, including an internal subject-matter expert, to share their expertise on the subject. 

To generate leads, OST recommended running a live event on the client’s LinkedIn Company page. Although LinkedIn Live’s are a popular marketing tactic, we know from experience that niche topics can drive really strong results. We created the event page and ran a five-week programme of organic and paid promotion via LinkedIn, including speaker videos, announcement posts and teasers, re-targeting our engaged awareness audience. 

For the day of the LinkedIn Live, OST sent the speakers a home studio kit to ensure the quality of the livestream. We managed and recorded the live event, running pre and post-roll videos, to ensure a high-quality, TV-like experience. 


Our efforts paid off. The lead generation campaign was a major success, attracting nearly 200 registrations from nearly 1,000 visits to the event page. This led to a significant number of lead opportunities. The brand awareness outcomes were arguably even more successful. By repeatedly reaching 20,000 senior bankers with our messaging (an average of 8 times each) the campaign was credited by the CMO with driving brand recognition among delegates at a major US banking event.

LinkedIn Live Registrations
Event Page Visits
Brand Exposure
Brand Impressions
Engaged Audience Members

We were thrilled with the results of this campaign. Senior US bankers are busy people, so attracting 200 of them to a LinkedIn live was a big ask. The client thanked us for an “impactful campaign”. I can’t ask for more than that!

Zoe Gallagher

Account Director, OST

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