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Constant Contact is a leading provider of Email Marketing Software, with more than 600,000 small business customers worldwide. Having worked together on a successful pilot programme, we were tasked with attracting new marketing agencies and consultants to join Constant Contact’s Solution Provider programme in the UK.

In order to reach this niche target market, we used social media to foster relationships, build awareness and to promote a series of content marketing campaigns designed to generate leads, and start those conversations.

The Campaign

Having identified partners as an effective mechanism for recruiting new customers during our pilot campaign, this became the primary focus of our efforts in 2015.

In order to deliver these highly targeted leads, we planned, managed and delivered a 12-month content campaign around ‘growing your digital marketing agency’.

This campaign was designed to appeal directly to our target audience and provide them with valuable, practical information they could use, as well as introduce them to the opportunities offered by the partnership programme.

During this period, we ran a series of 4 content campaigns looking at different topics within the overall theme, which included:

  • How to attract and convert new clients
  • What services should your agency offer?
  • Digital marketing measurement
  • Marketing automation

For each topic, we published an infographic to raise awareness of the campaign, before hosting a webinar and producing an in-depth white paper to be downloaded.

In addition to this, we also published a research report – ‘UK Marketing Consultants: Digital Marketing Survey’ – which was completed and downloaded by over 200 agencies and consultants and hosted an event in London called ‘How to Build a £1 Million Agency’, which attracted 74 registrations.

All of this was supported by weekly blog posts, social media advertising and daily Community Management, which was used to identify and engage with influencers and potential partners who may later become leads.


  • We have introduced Constant Contact to 500+ marketing agencies and consultants in the UK.
  • Generated more than direct 350+ partner leads through events, downloads & Community Management.
  • Engaged with 60 of our top 100 industry influencers
Webinar registrations
Report and white paper downloads
Blog post views
Infographics published

Consistently Brilliant

OST has been a huge support to Constant Contact in the UK. Their social media expertise and excellent content marketing have consistently produced brilliant results.

Minal Patel

Senior Marketing Manager

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