LinkedIn Advertising Success Guide

We know the story: you’ve tried LinkedIn advertising and got some half-decent results, but you spent more than expected and you’re wondering how to improve ROI.

What you need is OST’s LinkedIn Advertising Success Checklist. Created by OST’s LinkedIn Advertising Team, this interactive 9-page Checklist provides a guide to running successful LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

Designed to be checked as you follow the recommended steps, this insightful PDF is packed full of advice, tips and must-do’s that will save you money and increase ROI, including:

  • How to set the right audience size
  • Suggested budget allocation for success
  • Tips on streamlining your UX to improve CTR
  • How to use smart visuals to maximise screen real-estate
  • How to ensure your ads stand out from the B2B crowd

Our Approach

OST has provided specialist B2B social advertising services for software giant, Dassault Systèmes, for 5+ years. Our team devises and runs LinkedIn advertising campaigns for a range of their software products across EMEA, combining brand awareness campaigns with lead generation activations.


By applying best practice approaches to every aspect of our work, we produce spectacular results. In H1 2022/3 we increased leads generated by 570% and reduced CLP by over 350%.


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