August 2021
Operations Director, Jeremy Taylor
In order to run a global B2B social media agency, you need a team of talented individuals constantly pulling together in the right direction to make things happen. We are proud of our team of strategists, data heads, creatives, influencers, community managers, and in-house marketers, and we’d like for you to get to know them...
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Senior Execs selfie video
Why Should I Record a Senior Exec Selfie Video? Senior execs are full of knowledge and insight, but short of time.  Selfie videos offer the fastest way to extract this knowledge in a shareable and engaging format. With as little as 15 minutes of preparation and 15 mins recording (assuming you take 2-3 goes to...
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B2B Influencer Campaigns -8 Steps to launch
You read the phrase ‘influencer marketing’ and your mind immediately turns to Love Island contestants promoting teeth whitener and brand giveaways, and your eyes immediately roll to the back of your head – That’s not what we’re talking about, we’re talking about B2B Influencers, and how to activate them in a campaign, of course! Influencer...
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