July 2021
Twitter chats
Following on from our in-depth pieces on Twitter’s Spaces, and Fleets, it’s now the turn of our new Queen of Twitter Jess, to give us the lowdown on another Twitter feature, Twitter chats. So what is a Twitter chat, I hear you say? First of all, we all know it takes seconds for a tweet...
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Georgia is our most recently promoted Account Director
In order to run a successful global social media agency, you need a team of talented individuals constantly pulling together in the right direction to make things happen. We are proud of our team of strategists, creatives, influencers, community managers, and in-house marketers, and we’d like for you to get to know them a little...
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What are the biggest challenges in SEO?
Jono Alderson, Special Ops at Yoast, hosted an insightful session at DigiConf21, where he shared his expertise on SEO and getting the most from your online activity. Online behaviour has drastically changed over the last year, so taking on everything we learned from Jono, we had to take a deeper look into the biggest challenges...
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