Content Creators and Community Managers: How Can They Work Together to Engage B2B Communities?

Communities can play a hugely important role in B2B social media marketing. They create an opportunity for brand advocacy and can help you to identify potential customers. B2B brands that show a more human side to their brand and succeed in fostering a sense of community often see their engagement rates soar, while corporate-looking social accounts grow tumbleweed.

Of course, it’s important for B2B brands to engage in serious conversations but, at times, it is also equally important to spur on conversation just for fun. Beyond being friendly, there is a technical reason for doing this: social media algorithms amplify content from highly engaged accounts. So, why not get your community talking by posting something more light-hearted that’s going to make them smile and improve your organic reach?


We’re huge advocates for community building, but how can your content creators and community managers work together to form an even deeper relationship with your audience?

Content Creator + Community Manager = Dream Team

Social media marketing is no linear process. Increasingly, people want brands to show values, engage and understand their audience, and create meaningful connections.

Likewise, your social media team shouldn’t work in silos. So, why not team up and create something that your audience can really connect with? Community Managers can share insights into trends, topics, and interests of the audience, and Content Creators can create posts that build that back-and-forth with the community.

We’ve pulled out some great examples below that built engagement and sparked fun conversations.


We’ve learnt that not everything on social media should be a sales pitch. We’ve learnt that B2B brands can be fun. But why not create something that challenges your audience?

It could be a question, a goal, or in the case of this Windows post, a game…



Certain brands have done a great job of carving out niche Twitter personas and in turn receive lots of engagement. A great example of this is Wendy’s.

Wendy’s may be a consumer brand but it is one that we can certainly learn from. They’re usually very complimentary to their audiences but sometimes a bit of banter can be fun all-round. This Wendy’s post is a great example.


Feed For Growth

Content Creators and Community Managers can also work together on more serious topics. Especially ones that resonate with your audience.

Take Feed For Growth’s #WomenInDairyWednesday, for example. Here, the agriculture brand puts members of its community front and centre, while delivering an important and empowering message.



Once you have on-going rapport with your audience, you can also build a little more back-and-forth. We all loved choose-your-own-adventure books when we were younger and that sense of adventure and mystery never truly dies.

Take this Salesforce UKI post, for example, which allows the audience to choose its own destiny, so to speak.



Having a well built community could save you money, with 49% of businesses with online communities reporting savings of 10% to 25% annually. Further to this, by engaging that community you can spur on brand advocacy in your customers and advocates are up to three times more effective than regular, satisfied customers in inspiring others to purchase.

Content Creators and Community Managers are important to the success of your social media channels, but together, they are something all-together more powerful. To borrow a phrase, stop, collaborate, and listen to build even stronger bonds with your audience.

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Date: 17th February 2021
Category: Community Management

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