Global Campaigns

International community management or campaigns in local languages

Our international team operates in 8 different languages. We can manage your global social channels locally or run cross-border campaigns in multiple languages. 

International Community Management

Our in-country team members can manage your social media in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Polish, plus other languages (on request). Team members collaborate cross-border and work to shared standards and Playbooks. 

Localised content

We can create content calendars in your chosen language with local input (to ensure cultural sensitivity). Your in-country teams can edit and approve content or you can manage it centrally. Our UK Creative Team provides imagery and video content.

Centralised Management

While our in-country teams provide localised content and community management, our UK team manages the process, providing centralised reporting and a ‘single point of contact’ for our clients. We can also provide global training, resources and support. 

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