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In order to run a successful global social media agency, you need a team of talented individuals constantly pulling together in the right direction to make things happen. We are proud of our team of strategists, creatives, influencers, community managers, and in-house marketers, and we’d like for you to get to know them a little bit more.

From ballrooms and batons to boardrooms and B2B, Sophie Waitt brings her creative flair to all of OST’s in-house marketing. From planning events to creating content, Sophie has a wide range of experience and knowledge in B2B marketing.

What is your role at OST?

As Senior Marketing Executive, I work with Jeremy, our Marketing Manager, to plan and execute all of OST’s in-house marketing. To do this, I work alongside the wider operations team – with the design, creative, paid social, and community management teams. 

I started at OST as a Marketing Assistant about three years, and have progressed to where I am now. I have loved watching the company evolve over the years I have been here, and seeing my team grow. 

Could you talk us through a normal day for you? 

No day is the same in-house, that’s why I love the job so much. Some days I am writing blogs, other days brainstorming content. I usually start work at around 8 am (I’m an early bird), I write out my checklist for the day and start with the smallest tasks, these are usually things such as content amends and feedback. I then tackle some of the bigger tasks that may need input from others, these could be blog writing, campaign work, or event coordination. 

What’s your favourite social channel and why?

I love TikTok, I find the platform fascinating. It is such a new platform and brands are only starting to get a grasp on how the algorithm works. It’s like no other platform, you can get thousands of views on a video with no followers. I have been posting on my personal account to test out the features and get a feel of it. I would love to get OST a TikTok account, I think it’s a constantly growing app with so much opportunity. 

Do you have a favourite social media ad campaign?

I love the Spotify Wrapped campaigns, the way they use data to encourage sharing to your socials is brilliant. I personally love waiting to share my personal wrapped post each year and seeing what my friends and families come up with. The images are so simple and yet eye-catching, you immediately know what it is when it appears on your feed. 

Who influences you on social media and why?

I try to follow people who inspire me on social media. I have followed Carrie Rose for a few years now, she is a 27-year-old co-founder and CEO of leading search-first creative agency Rise at Seven. She is a huge inspiration for many young women in marketing and also in SEO, which is typically male-dominated. 

What are your passions/hobbies/interests?

If watching TikToks was a sport, I would be an olympian. I also create content for TikTok on a personal account. I create a variety of content around makeup and fashion. I love experimenting with sounds, filters, and content types. 

What future social media and/or developments in marketing are you excited about? 

I am really intrigued to see the lasting effects that COVID has on marketing. With many businesses going fully remote, your audience is in a different position and mindset than they usually are. Are we going to see a drop in in-person events and virtual events continue to rise? Or will people be sick of sitting behind a screen? 

Why did you choose a career in marketing?

I get to take my existing people skills from working in retail and being a make-up artist into a role that allows me to create meaningful connections in another way. I knew when changing positions that an agency would be right for me as there is still a huge range of people that you work with and we are providing a service that adds real value. 

If you weren’t at OST you would be…

I think I would probably be working as a makeup artist or something within the creative field. I have always enjoyed being creative, which led me to work in marketing, it has a lovely balance of being creative and logical. 

Tell us one random fact about yourself?

I was a ballroom and Latin dancer for 11 years and a baton twirler for six years. I sadly stopped both which I’m sure I will regret once the clubs open.

Jeremy Taylor
Date: 4th June 2021
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