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In order to run a successful global social media agency, you need a team of talented individuals constantly pulling together in the right direction to make things happen. We are proud of our team of strategists, creatives, influencers, community managers, and marketers, and we’d like for you to get to know them a little bit more.

When you work for a social media marketing agency, it’s pretty important to keep up to date with the latest trends, developments and features. Account Manager, Esther Wyse, does exactly that by managing her own lifestyle blog and Instagram page.

What is your role at OST?

I’m an Account Manager within the client services team at OST. No two days are ever the same. One minute you’re on the phone with a client in the U.S, the next you’re filtering through influencer photos of puppies.

In a nutshell, I’m the client in the office. I work closely with the operations teams and other client services members to make sure our client work is delivered on brief, on budget, and on-brand. 

Could you talk us through a normal day for you? 

A normal day for me as an Account Manager is usually 50% filled with meetings. Meetings with clients, ops teams, prospective clients, or other team members. The other half of the day is spent communicating with clients, ensuring campaigns are running smoothly, liaising with influencers, and project planning. Oh, and of course drinking a lot of tea. 

What’s your favourite social channel and why?

Instagram without a doubt. As well as running client Instagram accounts, I manage my personal lifestyle page where I talk all about Cambridge, what do to and where to eat. (sorry, shameless plug). 

I love the variety of content options Instagram offers, especially with Reels growing in popularity. You can also build and engage with really strong communities on Instagram. It’s an amazing place to tap into your audience interests and passion points, as well as showing a bit of brand personality

Do you have a favourite social media campaign?

The campaigns that resonate most with me are the campaigns that are much more than a brand selling a product. I want to see brands trying to make a difference, tackle an issue, or elevate important topics.

Just recently, Dove launched a social media campaign centred around filtering and photo editing. #NoDigitalDistortion is the Dove movement aiming to help build confidence and positive body image on social media. Looking specifically at the use of retouching apps and the direct effect on young people’s self-esteem and confidence. As well as sharing real Stories from influencers, publishers, and young females, they’ve created a useful resource for teachers and parents, the Confidence Kit. This campaign is helping to tackle a real issue, as well as providing the audience with something they can really use. I’ve already seen it shared a lot on Instagram, and expect to see it continue. 

#NoDigitalDistortion movement, an Instagram campaign by Dove  digital distortion campaign, by Dove Dove reverse selfie campaign

Who influences you on social media and why?

Poorna Bell, she’s an author, journalist, public speaker, and social influencer who speaks openly about lots of topics. She’s honest and bold and I find her content hugely empowering.

I also follow soyouwanttotalkabout, who talk progressive politics and social issues on Instagram. Their content really hits the mark – shareable, educational, aesthetically pleasing, and meaningful. 

What are your passions/hobbies/interests?

I’m all about food. Cooking food, watching movies/TV about food, reading recipe books, trying new restaurants, or just simply eating it. One of my (many!) happy places, is in the kitchen with a glass of wine and a good podcast, cooking up a new recipe.

I’m also into a fair few different forms of exercise. I took ballet classes for the majority of my childhood which I adored, so in my early 20’s I joined an adult ballet class. I also walk most days by the river in Cambridge and occasionally do yoga.

Once the world is back to normal I hope to get back into travelling, my goal for 2020 was to visit a new place each month, but that didn’t quite go to plan. Thanks, COVID. 

What future social media and/or developments in marketing are you excited about? 

As you may have guessed I’m all about Instagram. I love the fact the platform is constantly updating and releasing new features. Especially the most recent additions to the content options – Reels and Guides.

They’re both really nice, easy to use features that allow creators and brands to get creative. The benefit to Instagram Guides is that you can create a valuable resource without even creating your own content, you simply collate other posts and assets from accounts on Instagram.

Why did you choose a career in social media?

I started a food Instagram account whilst I was studying Performing Arts in Newcastle. After graduating I quickly realised the relentless life of auditions, rejection, and weekend work was not for me, so I landed an internship in Social Media, and worked my way up to Account Manager. The rest is history! 

If you weren’t at OST you would be…

For a while, I contemplated midwifery, but nine months on a maternity ward was enough for me. I have absolute admiration for NHS workers! If I could do anything, it would 100% be something food-related… global pasta taster? 

Tell us one random fact about yourself?

Esther means Star! 



Jonika Kinchin
Date: 30th April 2021
Category: Blog OST Team

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