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Calum Meet the team

In order to run a successful social media agency, you need a team of talented individuals constantly pulling together in the right direction to make things happen. We are proud of our team of strategists, creatives, influencers, community managers and marketers, and we’d like for you to get to know them a little bit more.

Having sacrificed what we’re sure would’ve been an incredibly successful career playing for Manchester United, Calum Tynan, OST’s Paid Social Manager manages social advertising and strategy for a range of clients, across multiple platforms and multiple sectors. He can also do a mean Al Pacino impression. Find out more…

Could you talk us through a normal day for you?

One of my favourite things about my job is the variety it brings. On any given day I could be building large multi-platform social advertising campaigns, developing and building new audiences for a client, speaking to clients and delivering reports, testing new ad formats and platforms or working on improving OST’s internal social advertising processes.

What’s your favourite social channel and why?

old trafford

Calum’s beloved Old Trafford

Instagram. It’s a great tool for fuelling my interests. I use it for finding new music, fashion inspiration and recipes to try out. There are also some wonderfully curated accounts that pack a real visual punch. Sometimes it’s just nice to look at pretty pictures. I would also like to give a shout out to Vine (RIP), which will forever be the best social channel of all time. The creativity people were able to fit into 6 seconds was amazing.

Do you have a favourite social media ads campaign?

B2B never gets the spotlight, but I’m working on a great one for our client Dassault Systemes right now. We were given free rein to design an advertising campaign targeting start-up companies with a unique offer and pricing. Focussing on LinkedIn, we’ve built a funnel approach that is incorporating numerous ad formats including, video, lead gen and the new conversation ads to reach our audience. So far the results have been very promising, so expect a full case study soon.

Who influences you on social media and why?

If we’re talking specific people or accounts, my favourite person to follow is Matty Healy (@trumanblack) as he posts a lot of stuff I get a lot of enjoyment out of, weird memes and all. @whatwillycook is also great and where I get literally all of my recipe ideas from.

What are your passions/hobbies/interests?

All the things we can’t do at the moment, I love. Playing, watching and attending football matches. Going to the cinema and having that communal experience of seeing something amazing for the first time. Live music. Travelling and discovering new places. Going out to eat. Doing (incredibly accurate) Al Pacino impressions. Actually, I can still do the last one.

What future social media and/or developments in marketing are you excited about?

The continued development of Tik Tok’s advertising offering, particularly the targeting capabilities it has. We’ve been able to do a few tests since it launched its ad services in the summer, and are very keen as a team to try it out with clients.

Why did you choose a career in social media?

I watched Mad Men and wanted to work at an advertising agency. A Social Media Agency is even better as I can look at Twitter all day without interference… 😉

If you weren’t at OST you would be…

Playing centre forward for Manchester United. Fortunately for Premier League defences, I had a greater calling. That Rashford lad is doing a decent job in my absence.

Tell us one random fact about yourself?

I’ve been on the front of a cereal box.


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Jeremy Taylor
Date: 11th February 2021
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