OST is looking for a new colleague to join our Creative Team.

Our Creatives are responsible for ensuring that OST’s clients receive the highest quality creative content and the most innovative campaign concepts that deliver impressive results.

In this role, you will have an in-depth understanding of social media, including the full range of post types and formats available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Combined with your creative flare and marketing nous, this insight will enable you to create world-beating social content.

You will also be brilliant at copywriting, writing content briefs and briefing designers. There is definitely a strong emphasis on having excellent writing skills.

Specific tasks include

  • Learning about OST’s clients, including their mission, brand, tone, products and industries.
  • Creating fresh and innovative social media content, including storyboarding video content and Instagram Stories.
  • Writing digital marketing content, including blog posts, e-books, adverts and web copy.
  • Working with the Client Services team to conceive and scope out amazing campaign concepts for clients.
  • Supporting OST’s Marketing Team with content and marketing ideas.

Required skills include

  • Strong social media knowledge – i.e. an understanding of the features, opportunities and limitations within which your creative ideas need to work.
  • Excellent written communication skills – i.e. the ability to create high-quality, engaging content that is on-brand, both quickly and efficiently.
  • Creative thinking – the ability to absorb information about the client/their audience(s) and get into their mindset, enabling you to devise compelling and innovative campaign ideas.
  • Presentation – The ability to turn your ideas into compelling briefs (for the Ops team) or pitches (for clients).


  • Full-time, permanent
  • Based in Comberton (5 miles west of Cambridge)
  • Salary range 26K – 30K 

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