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B2B Virtual Roundtables

Following the success of our Autumn 2020 series, OST founder & MD Luke Brynley-Jones will be hosting 7 more virtual roundtables – via Zoom – through the first part of 2021.

Focusing on one core B2B marketing topic per session, each event will be around 90 minutes long and will feature an introduction from a specialist on the subject. Our aim is to then facilitate peer-to-peer sharing for marketers of different experience levels.

Given that physical networking has been restricted, the roundtables have already proven to be a great opportunity for marketers to collaborate. Spaces are free but they are limited, so be sure to register your interest via the form and we’ll look forward to seeing you there!

All roundtables will be from 12 pm-1:30 pm on the shown dates below. 

2021 Dates 

26th January 2021

B2B Social Strategy: Planning for 2021

How can B2B companies up their game on social media for 2021? Beyond the day-to-day of BAU posting and social advertising, LinkedIn is offering ever more ways to share content and connect with buyers, while the rise of virtual events has opened more doors for social networking. B2B influencer marketing is growing apace and employee advocacy programmes are tapping into new audiences. Join us for this expert-led discussion that explores these and other opportunities.

16th February 2021

B2B Content Marketing: How to Create Memorable B2B Experiences

B2B companies often fail to humanise their corporate identity in their marketing. The result is often dull and forgettable. But change is coming. Upstart companies, lacking corporate ‘baggage’, are creating refreshing, eye-catching and memorable content. Some are using AR/VR to provide 3D virtual sales expos, while others are shedding product marketing strategies to explain not just how they do it, but why. Join us for this fascinating expert-led discussion on how to make B2B truly memorable.

16th March 2021

B2B Influencer Marketing: How to Develop a Successful Programme

B2B influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing trends, but it presents unique challenges to many businesses. Who influences decision-makers in your industry? What can you offer them? How should you manage the relationship? And, how can you measure the value? Join us for this expert-led discussion which will analyse several UK and global B2B influencer programmes to help you answer these questions.

18th May 2021

B2B Employee Advocacy: How to Create an Effective Programme

The staff of B2B businesses have, on average, ten times more social media connections than the company itself. They also tend to be well connected with people in the same industry. Yet only a small percentage of B2B companies run formal Staff Advocacy Programmes. In this expert-led discussion, citing B2B case studies, we will explore the challenges and opportunities of creating an advocacy programme.

22nd June 2021

B2B Social Media: How to Create a Localised International Presence

Many international companies only offer social media in English. While English may be the global language of business, this approach flies against one of the first principles of marketing: speak your customers’ language. In our experience, localising your social media – by language and culture – increases engagement by up to 500%. In this insightful, expert-led discussion, we explore how to create a genuinely localised international social media presence that drives business value.

20th July 2021

LinkedIn for B2B: Developing An Effective LinkedIn Strategy

Making the most of LinkedIn should be among the top marketing priorities for any B2B company. Over 50% of B2B decision-makers cite LinkedIn as a source of insight and, on average, 50% of B2B blog post traffic now comes from LinkedIn. With new opportunities, such as LinkedIn Live video posts and LinkedIn Events, smart B2B marketers are building LinkedIn into their content marketing and advertising strategies. Join us for this fascinating expert-led discussion about how to maximise the value of LinkedIn.

17th August 2021

Social Media for Regulated Industries: Challenges & Opportunities

Highly regulated industries, such as finance, pharmaceuticals, telecoms and energy, have often shied away from social media. And yet, the hurdles to developing a valuable social media presence in these sectors are not significant. Recent ASA and CMA rulings have upped standards across social media, such that, if many cases, sector-specific regulations are now less onerous than those adhered to by retailers and the media. In this insightful discussion, we’ll explore how to develop a strong social media presence within a regulated industry.

Spaces are limited, we will be in contact with you to confirm your attendance

Spaces are limited, we will be in contact with you to confirm your attendance