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Consumer Influencer Marketing Huddle

12th March 2019 – Cambridge

Influencer marketing offers consumer brands a unique opportunity to connect with new audiences. The emergence of Instagram and YouTube celebrities, plus a ‘long tail’ of micro and nano influencers for every niche and special interest, has fueled a fast-paced new marketing industry.

The results are plain to see: 53% of women say they have made a purchase after seeing an influencer post on social media. A recent study also found that influencer marketing delivered, on average, $6.5 of income for every $1 spent. 86% of marketers say they spent money on influencer marketing in 2018 and 59% say they are planning to increase that spend in 2019.

Yet the industry is still evolving. Recent concerns over fake influencers and a backlash against celebrity endorsements have given brands reason to pause and ask some important questions:

  • What should consumer brands be using influencers for?
  • How can we identify the right influencers for our brand?
  • Should we pay them? If so, how much?
  • How should we manage them?
  • What should we measure to evaluate success?

Join us for this unique half-day strategy workshop that aims to answer these questions and equip you with a clear strategy for developing your influencer marketing. Featuring presentations from influencer marketing experts, Luke Brynley-Jones and Scott Guthrie, plus case studies from brands such as Hartley’s Jelly and Supermalt, the Influencer Marketing Huddle will be packed with useful insights.

This event is free to attend, but places are limited. Please register your interest here and we will contact you to confirm your place. 

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Time: 8.45am-1.30pm 

Location: Moller Centre, Cambrige CB3 0DE