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Chapter 1: New Destinations

  • B2B Digital Marketing Trends
  • The Rise of Messaging: What Does it Mean for Marketers?
  • What Happens When Everybody’s Website is Fixed?

Chapter 2: Advanced B2B Strategies

  • A Journey Through B2B Marketing Automation & Personalisation
  • ABM: How to Focus on Those Who Matter (and Sod the Rest)
  • The B2B Marketing Growth Model
  • LinkedIn Marketing Opportunities for 2020-21

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Chapter 3: Influencer Marketing &Compliance

  • B2B Influencer Marketing: The Cost of Non-Compliance
  • The Future of Social Business: Integrated Advocacy
  • How to Drive Business Value from Social Media Data

Chapter 4: Innovative Content Marketing

  • Innovative B2B Content Marketing
  • 4 Steps from Starting a Podcast to Live Streaming
  • The Content Problem and How to Fix
  • Future of Digital Marketing