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How to super-charge your video marketing in 2020
This is the fifth chapter from our latest ebook on everything you need to know to create an effective social media marketing strategy. Sharing his knowledge of video marketing for 2020 is Account Manager, Freddie Bendall. He will explore the way in which to start using video in posts by reflecting on some of the...
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video marketing
‘It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it’ might be from a 1939 song, but for the social media marketer it certainly rings true. In my previous role with the University of Cambridge my aim was to improve not only what we were doing, but how we were doing it. With...
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social media video campaign
On World Mental Health Day this year OST Marketing ran a social media video campaign to  raise awareness of a free online therapy service.  Social media is not often associated positively with mental health issues, in fact it is frequently seen as fueling the stigma by facilitating bullying and anonymous negativity. With this in mind,...
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