Social media training
Every other Wednesday OST hosts an internal ‘University’ session for staff to listen, discuss and learn something new. In June the topic was public speaking – so we welcomed an external speaker, Jon Torrens, to inspire and educate us. OST’er Chris Tynan explains what happened… Confidence in public speaking is not something that comes to...
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customers on social media
Recent research from Sprout Social has shown that brands who don’t respond to customers’ social media queries risk losing 1 in 3 of them to a competitor. On such a public platform, people aren’t afraid to name and shame those same brands, so be wary – it doesn’t take much to sway others away from you. It blows...
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SCSS16 social customer service training
This week I hosted the UK’s Social Customer Service Summit in London. If you don’t know it – it’s an unique event that brings together around 100 brands to discuss developments in social and digital customer service. This year’s attendees includes British Airways, Vodafone, Microsoft, IBM, Toyota, Pret, HP, Telefonica, Citi and Thompson Reuters –...
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