Social media events
With only a week until our Social Strategy in 2020 seminar in Cambridge, we asked one of our speakers, Helen Sharpe, Content & Social Media Manager at Interflora, for her insights into social media strategy for 2020. Here’s what she said: 1. What do you see as the biggest social media challenge facing brands today?...
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B2B Huddle Cambridge
OST hosted it’s first B2B Huddle event in Cambridge on 15th March, leading around 40 participants from the tech, pharma, service and manufacturing sectors through an intensive B2B social media strategy workshop. I had the pleasure of hosting the event and provided the opening address, including a batch of B2B social media case studies¬†(several of...
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SCSS16 social customer service training
This week I hosted the UK’s Social Customer Service Summit in London. If you don’t know it – it’s an unique event that brings together around 100 brands to discuss developments in social and digital customer service. This year’s attendees includes British Airways, Vodafone, Microsoft, IBM, Toyota, Pret, HP, Telefonica, Citi and Thompson Reuters –...
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