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How should B2B companies work with technology influencers?

Faced with increasing advertising costs and declining organic social media reach, B2B technology companies are increasingly waking up to the potential of influencer marketing. By building a network of supportive influencers, integrating them into marketing campaigns and offering them genuine benefits for their involvement, tech brands are creating exciting new marketing opportunities.

This eBook has insights from Luke Brynley-Jones, who has helped develop influencer programmes for clients such as Salesforce, Sage and Kingston Technology as well as contributions from Influencer Marketing experts.

In this eBook you will learn:

•        How to identify and select B2B tech influencers

•        How to develop a compelling offering for tech influencers

•        When not to work with a tech influencer

•        How to ensure your relationships with influencers are FTC & ASA compliant

•        What successful campaigns involving B2B tech influencers look like

•        How to plan your B2B tech influencer marketing for 2020-22