Danny Freeman
TikTok tips and tricks
You might see TikTok as the next big app for Gen Z to chase viral video stardom on, but it’s actually so much more than that. At a time when the social media algorithms are out in full force on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter limiting a brand’s reach left, right, and centre –  TikTok is...
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B2B brands have not been looking at Facebook Groups: they should be.
Social media platforms are in constant competition with each other to delight users with the next big thing. From Twitter Fleets to Instagram Reels, each platform is trying to absorb and recreate each other’s features, but there are still some untapped existing opportunities to take advantage of.  Facebook Groups can be an invaluable marketing and...
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Instagram Stories
There are hundreds, if not thousands of Instagram story enhancement apps floating around that claim they can ‘take your Instagram Stories to the next level’, which in principle sounds great, but how do you know which ones to try or which ones would best suit your needs? And how do you know if they’re going...
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