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Social Media Speaker

social media speaker UKOST was founded (as ‘Our Social Times’) in 2009 by social media consultant, Luke Brynley-Jones. A respected social media speaker and conference host, Luke is known as a passionate advocate of digital customer engagement.

With over 16 years of experience, Luke combines a strategic approach to marketing with a wealth of first-hand knowledge. Back in 2000, before Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Myspace existed, Luke was working with global organisations to enable them to develop thriving online communities and blogs. Having worked with brands, celebrities and start-ups, Luke has developed an encyclopedic knowledge of social media marketing.

In 2000 Luke co-founded the UK’s first social media consultancy, advising brands such as British Airways, YMCA and Christian Aid on how to create sustainable online engagement. Between 2001 and 2009 he developed and launched over 40 online communities and social networks, including, an early photo-sharing and blogging community, and Trutap, a mobile social network that grew to 400,000 members.

In 2009 Luke launched Our Social Times, the social media blog, consultancy and events company, which has evolved into a thriving social and digital agency with two offices just outside Cambridge.

OST, as it is now known, boasts a client list that reads as roll-call of well-known brands, such as Sun-Pat Peanut Butter, Hartley’s Jelly and Burger King, and innovative technology companies, including Solidworks, Ieso Digital Health and Domino Printing Sciences.

As Managing Director, Luke provides our clients with strategic consultancy and creative vision. Author of countless white papers and host of regular marketing webinars, he remains active blogger for Our Social Times, as well as other leading marketing websites, such as econsultancy and Smart Insights.

A popular social media speaker and conference keynote in Europe, the US and Asia, Luke speaks with wit an insight on topics ranging from social media marketing, social media measurement and social customer service. He is a regular commentator on BBC radio and was an invited TEDx speaker in 2015.

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