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Cats Protection #BlackCatDay 2016

Cats Protection #BlackCatDay 2016


Video content on social media is the bread and butter these days, so we wanted to share a rather special social media video case study with you.

In 2016 Cats Protection, the UK’s leading cat charity asked OST to devise a creative social media campaign aimed at raising awareness of black cats and the fact they make up around 45% of homeless cats awaiting rehoming. Our challenge, to educate people that despite black cats looking similar, all cats actually have their own, very distinct personality.


We devised our campaign concept around “Beauty is more than fur deep” – designed to pique the interest of cat lovers on Facebook and Twitter. Together with Cats Protection we created a social media marketing plan made up of video content, graphics and lots of community and influencer engagement.

The concept was based around popular online dating apps such as Tinder, playing on the idea of online dating being very similar to choosing a cat to adopt.  We storyboarded and created a video specifically for a social media audience which was shared across the two key social media platforms. We maximised the impact of the video content through social advertising and actively engaging with key influencers who we were confident would be interested in the cause and share the content, spreading the message.

Another key element to the campaign was the competition we ran prior to the day where cat owners were asked to submit photos of their black cats. The prize being a photo shoot for your cat as well as becoming “the face” of Black Cat Day.

This activity was also supported by PR and ran throughout the 3 weeks running up to Black Cat Day (October 27th).


The campaign received massive engagement – 329,000 engagements from 17 million impressions on Facebook and Twitter, plus 258,000 video views of more than 30 seconds. Around 5,000 photo competition entries were submitted with contact details.

Nationwide awareness of #BlackCatDay with the hashtag trended #1 on Twitter in the UK for the entire day. Celebrities such as Ricky Gervais showed their support by engaging with our content. The BBC and The Telegraph also showed their support by covering the story.

However, most importantly, the proportion of black cats being re-homed increased markedly during the campaign.

OST were a pleasure to work with! Their personable team had lots of great ideas while being flexible to Cats Protection’s needs. They helped us to deliver a professional, engaging social media campaign that both our supporters and internal teams loved to get behind.

Gemma Croker, Social Media ManagerCats Protection

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