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Plan to Produce

Plan to Produce


Zoetis, the world’s largest animal health company asked OST to run a B2B social media campaign to raise awareness among UK beef and dairy farmers of the importance of early vaccination among calves. The goal being: to improve calf health and enhance their later productivity.

In addition to targeting a hard-to-reach and niche audience, we were tied by strict advertising regulations and, initially at least, a very limited budget and timescale. The pilot campaign was to run for 4-months (Oct 15 to Jan 16).


We developed a strategy for Plan to Produce which included an intense programme of content marketing, influencer outreach and social/digital advertising.

Farming Twitter marketing

Specifically this involved:

  • Building an active community of dairy/beef farmers on Twitter through daily posting and engagement.
  • Creating and sharing high-value content (images, infographics).
  • Amplifying content with social advertising on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Google Ads.
  • Engaging with influencers to further amplify content and form relationships with bloggers, journalists and policy-makers.


The pilot B2B social media campaign for Plan to Produce was astonishingly successful and even exceeded our own expectations.

Over a three-month operational period we drove nearly 10,000 engagements with UK dairy/beef farmers and influencers and 14,000 unique visits to the website. This delivered a direct and measurable impact on the usage of calf vaccinations.

Highlights included:

  • 700+ followers (1% average engagement).
  • 3,200 organic engagements and 6,300 paid.
  • 3 million impressions across all channels.
  • 14,000 unique visits to website.
  • Measurable impact on campaign objectives.

This campaign won the Digital Marketing Award at the UK Veterinary Marketing Awards (VMAs) in 2016. The programme has since been expanded and continues to gather momentum.

Digital Marketing Award

“Our main outcomes were to connect with farmers, to understand how they are using social media and to deliver engaging and relevant content relating to a specific topic that would help them with the productivity of their herds. The support and insight that OST delivered enabled us to do this in the most up-to-date way and has given us the confidence to expand our online and social activity through 2016.”

Adam Coomber - Marketing & Digital LeadZoetis