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Hartley’s Jelly

Hartley’s Jelly


Hain Daniels, which owns one of the UK’s best loved FMCG brands, Hartley’s Jelly, asked OST to help raise awareness of their full range of products, including jelly pots and to-make jelly, using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Hartley’s Jelly has a long and proud history, serving a wide range of consumers – from children and mums to busy adults and dieters. Our mission was to capitalise on this strong brand recognition among consumers of all ages to help increase awareness and drive sales. The result is a really fascinating FMCG social media case study.


Our strategy for building engagement and awareness across multiple social media channels has involved a process of community management, social advertising, influencer engagement (and outreach), engagement activities (e.g. competitions) and detailed measurement.

Hartley’s Jelly already had a presence on Facebook and Twitter, so decided to re-engage this audience with a Back to School competition. In addition to delivering over 2,000 competition entries and scores of user-generated photos, this gave us valuable insights into our audience.

Using a combination of branded content, designed by our creative team, with user-generated content (UGC) and memes, combined with attentive community management – always consistent with the Hartley’s tone of voice – we have created a highly engaged community across our target channels.

By measuring over thirty individual metrics, we have continuously improved and refined our processes to deliver on-going growth and success for Hartley’s Jelly.


During the initial four months of this contract we have delivered exceptional results, including:

  • 12,000+ Facebook fans
  • 5,000+ new Twitter followers
  • 4,000+ competition entries
  • 8,685 comments on a single Facebook post (plus 28,000 Likes and 4,000 shares)
  • 1,179 re-tweets of the Back to School competition

Based on this initial success we are developing a measurement framework and targets for the next 6 months of activity.

The response to our work with Hartley’s Jelly has been astounding. By tapping into the UK consumers’ connection with – and in many cases, love for – this brand, we have unearthed something really special.

Graham Gough, Senior Account ManagerOur Social Times

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