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We started working with Zoetis in 2014 after winning a selection process involving other UK-based agencies. Our initial campaign has since become a model content marketing case study within Zoetis.

Our first assignment was to help raise awareness of the availability of treatments for motion sickness in dogs. Zoetis provides the UK’s leading treatment, Cerenia. While regulatory restrictions prevented us from directly mentioning the drug, we built a campaign to inform and engage dog owners by providing useful content and engaging activities across a range of online channels.


Our initial challenge was getting through the tight regulatory and legal restrictions (and genuine concerns of the client) about using social media in the context of pharmaceuticals. To start with, we didn’t have any social media accounts or even a blog to work with – we simply had a static web-page off the main Zoetis UK website.

Using a 3rd party tool and blogger outreach, we were able to run a competition, offering ‘The Ultimate Doggy Travel Pack’ as a prize. This received over 700 entries and a lot of Tweets and Facebook shares. We were then able to launch and write regular blog, Non-stop Travel Fun, which has since become a popular resource for dog lovers and develop a Twitter presence at @DogTravelFun – running regular Twitter chats and fun activities.

To support our social media marketing, we developed high-value content, such as  an infographic and Doggy Travel Checklist, which proved extremely popular.

The project proved a huge success within Zoetis and has become a model content marketing case study for other departments. OST has since started working with several other teams and departments, but we continue to enjoy non-stop travel fun, of course!


  • Dog Travel Fun pages drove 20% of the entire traffic of the Zoetis UK website during our initial 3-month project and continues to deliver a high monthly volume.
  • We deliver over 1 million views every month through mix of organic and paid social media.
  • We have built a community of more than 8,500 genuine dog travel fans/followers with a consistent organic engagement rate of 3-4% (well above average).
  • Individual initiatives continue to deliver results. We delivered 700 competition entries via our blog-based Doggy Travel Pack competition and over 500 dog owners have participated in our live Twitter chats.

I enjoy working with the Our Social Times team. Each time we brief them on our goals for a project, they genuinely take all the information on board and give us back a first draft that is spot on. Thank you for all the hard work and the brilliant campaign!

Stephanie Smith, Marketing ManagerZoetis

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