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Band Aid 30


Our client, My Celebrity Diary (MCD), a celebrity news and profile aggregator, was commissioned to create a specially branded mobile app for Bob Geldof’s Band Aid 30, which launched on November 10th 2014 featuring artists such as One Direction, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran.

OST was contracted to promote the app and provide real-time community management for the thousands of fans who responded to the charity appeal. The project involved creating and managing a Twitter and Facebook promotional campaign aimed at generating awareness of BandAid 30’s exclusive content, as well as driving app-installs.


The initial challenge involved the secrecy around the project. Only senior members of our team were permitted to know about plans for BandAid 30 right up until the day before it launched – we then had to rapidly brief the team and start the project immediately (working round the clock!).

Using a combination of influencer analysis – to help us pinpoint and engage with key fans – Facebook and Twitter engagement activities and a small, tactical advertising budget we created and ran four specific promotional campaigns. Aiming to maximise app installs and boost engagement, we targeted males and females (separately), varying age groups, people interested in music and, more specifically, people interested in the bands participating in the song.

On the day of the recording, we sent a team of two Community Managers to the studios to live Tweet and publish photos, video clips and quotes from the artists involved – the only media team allowed in the room.


  • We managed over 3,000 engagements during the week of the BandAid 30 studio recording.
  • The app was downloaded over 50,000 times during the promotional period (3 weeks), mostly during the week of the recording and launch.
  • Several Tweets were re-tweeted and favourited thousands of times, with the top Tweet being re-tweeted over 4,000 times and favourited 3,000 times.
  • Re-tweets by scores of celebrities, including @Harry_Styles and @NiallOfficial of @onedirection, @PalomaFaith and @Coldplay, charities @UnicefUK, @DECappeal and @SaveTheChildrenUK

This was one of our most challenging and exciting projects to date. A great cause, a secret mission and millions of fans to keep happy. The team delivered amazing results under terrific pressure.

Stef LaitSenior Account Manager - OST

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