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In 2014 Electron Technology plc. launched new product, called Checkit, aimed at improving food safety in large restaurant chains and hotels by digitising the recording of hygiene records.

As a technology company, they weren’t sure how to reach an audience of food safety consultants and senior food safety executives, especially within a limited budget, so they asked OST to develop and implement a digital marketing strategy.


OST worked on Checkit in 2014/15. From the outset we quickly developed a programme of social media engagement, advertising and content marketing, which rapidly built awareness of the new product within a very niche market.

Specifically our strategy involved:

  • High quality webinars featuring recognised brands, such as KFC, and respected industry experts.
  • Visually stunning graphics and infographics which provided insights into core processes, such as HACCP, and the latest industry statistics.
  • Regular, topical blog posts, which will continue to attract (free) traffic to the Checkit website for years to come.
  • Daily Twitter engagement and influencer outreach, which built up the credibility of the brand.
  • Tactical advertising on Twitter and, later, LinkedIn.

The programme delivered stunning results in terms of leads generated and awareness raised of a very niche product. Crucially, we didn’t spend have a single penny for advertising during the first year of the project. The critical factors were the quality of the content we created and the targeting of our outreach.


  • Generated 2,000+ webinar registrations and white paper downloads, including data capture.
  • Built a targeted Twitter following of 2,800 including almost all of the leading food safety media and consultants in the UK, generating 800+ engagements per month.
  • Attracted over 730 niche food safety experts to join a closed LinkedIn Group, owned by Checkit.
  • Drove around 50% of total website traffic organically by publishing high-quality, weekly blog posts.
  • Generated consistently high engagement with industry influencers.
  • Secured high-level leads at brands such as Heinz, Nestle, McDonalds, EAT, KFC, Morrisons, Iceland and Best Western.

OST really understand B2B content marketing both for lead generation and awareness-raising. Their relentless focus on measurement has enabled us to hone our activities and deliver fantastic results.

Jaquie Finn, Global Product Line ManagerElektron Technology plc

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