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OST was commissioned to provide social media research and analysis for a range of projects designed to make AAT’s social media and content marketing more relevant and effective.

Each project, of around one month’s duration, required as an output a lengthy report with a lot of data analysis, charts, tables and projections, to provide the client with a comprehensive picture of their target customer’s interests around a particular theme.


AAT commissioned OST to provide social media research and analysis into a range of issues, including what motivates people seeking professional training and what types of digital content they respond to.

Using data mining and social media monitoring techniques, plus a range of sophisticated tools – including Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon – we produced a significant amount of data relating to the topic of investigation.

Our primary task was then to filter and evaluate these data – to distill them down into a set of substantiated findings – from which we could make recommendations. In each case we identified some extremely insightful and useful information that the client could take away and action.


Our research produced detailed user profiles, topic clouds, influencer lists, most active websites and sentiment analysis, among other findings. These have been instrumental in supporting AAT’s highly successful social and digital communication strategy.

AAT has been delighted with our dedication and commitment and continues work with OST on social media research and analysis projects.

Thank you for the report. Very interesting – and some surprising reading!

Alison Dudding, User Experience ManagerAAT

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