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Mar 24
New influencer marketing guidelines

What do the new influencer marketing guidelines mean for brands?

Brands: listen up! New influencer marketing guidelines have been announced. These are designed to encourage brands to be up front with their social media followers and to make sure your audience is aware of the ‘paid’ relationship between the influencer and the brand. Here's what you need to know... The... read more →
Mar 16
B2B Huddle Cambridge

How to create your B2B social media strategy – Cambridge #B2BHuddle

OST hosted it's first B2B Huddle event in Cambridge on 15th March, leading around 40 participants from the tech, pharma, service and manufacturing sectors through an intensive B2B social media strategy workshop. I had the pleasure of hosting the event and provided the opening address, including a batch of B2B... read more →
Mar 01
Jan 18
Jan 18
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Dec 06
Nov 28
OST Marketing Team

OST wins Gold, Silver and Bronze at Cambridgeshire Digital Awards

Last week saw the long awaited results of the 2016 Cambridgeshire Digital Awards. I'm pleased to announce that OST scooped four fantastic awards - and also won the quiz! We entered work for some of our best known clients across a wide range of services, including social media, blogging, B2B... read more →
Oct 20
social media video campaign

Lifting the veil on mental health with a social media video campaign

On World Mental Health Day this year OST Marketing ran a social media video campaign to  raise awareness of a free online therapy service.  Social media is not often associated positively with mental health issues, in fact it is frequently seen as fueling the stigma by facilitating bullying and anonymous... read more →
Oct 06
Cambridge Digital Marketing Agency

Cambridge digital marketing agency shortlisted for five awards

We're (slightly more than) delighted to share the news that OST Marketing has been shortlisted for a staggering FIVE Cambridgeshire Digital Marketing Awards this year. As a rule we haven't tended to shout from the rooftops about our work - and with hindsight this approach appears short-sighted; it seems we're doing... read more →